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when i shall give up on thee

When the clouds fall to earth
and the waters rise from beneath
when the melodies hidden in the wind
are shaken to the ground & released

When the morning refuses to dawn
and the flowers only grow black & white
indeed when nature too, goes wild
then I shall surrender my crazy fight

for it is only natural, my dear
that i should fight through verses & tears
to trust you so much it hurt to know
that i should never again, trust or love anyone so….

So when the darkness is shattered
and the stallions gallop above the trees,
indeed, when the heavens give up on earth,
then & only then, shall i give up on thee….


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a song is not enough

I would write you a song,
but music notes
just simply can’t reach
to the depths our relationship goes …

and I would write lyrics too,
but words truly are too few
to describe what I’m trying to…
say about me & you….

and a song is only minutes,
but we’ve known each other for years,
a song can’t ring our laughter,
or echo the strength of our tears…

and it would have to go on & on & on…
stuck in our words, hearts, & minds…
and since life is not one big musical,
instead, a poem simply always seems right.

Just a short little verse that doesn’t
even pretend to scratch the surface of ‘us’…
a sort of note to prove that i truly tried,
but music isn’t enough… not for love.


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i’ll give this to long distance

i will give this to long-distance:
it’s not for the weak of heart…
it’s not for those who lack trust,
not every one can love from afar…

and i’ll grant this to long-distance,
it takes devotion like i’ve never given before,
but in learning to devote, & deciding if it’s best,
i’m becoming decidedly sure all the more…

any couple who can make it
through 2 years apart,
and one year together after that,
is a couple, i’m pretty sure will last…

you know, by every definition,
i really don’t fit the long-distance type…
but for you, i think i could do this,
for you, maybe i just might…

i guess what i’m saying,
is it’s a process that weeds out the flakes,
and i since i don’t plan on getting weeded,
well, there’s a good chance you & I could be great


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always in the back of my mind…

if i made you my one and only…
if i promised to see this through,
would i still always wonder,
about him & what we never got to do?

if i followed through with my best friend,
a safe option, i know could be great,
will i keep regretting that moment in Maryland,
when i told him i didn’t want to date?

I love you for your loyalty & trust,
but he just touched me & i felt butterflies,
i love you for always being the one ready,
but i miss exploring the world by his side…

so i’ll stay here, daydreaming…
wondering & questioning my whole life…
Oh God, forgive me for my indecision…
forgive me for my little white lies…

told you I was over him months ago…
the unfinished story, who got away…
will it always burn in the back of my mind?
or if i love you, would it someday go away?


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love like summer rain….

Nothin’ new going on in this small town
‘cept a rumor made up by some girls…
it’ll make it’s way round then fall out…
as people realize it don’t change the world…

lights turn off & lights turn on at the same hours
each night, in each house, in each room…
everybody got their routine down to a T…
except me, and my every changing life tune…

& i’m pretty sure they all think i’m kinda crazy.
but they love me like a crazy summer lightning-storm…
and they may think i’m sweet like a rose,
though, believe me, they can all tell you bout my thorns…

but mostly, they say quirky is just fine…
and they hope i can settle down & love the views.
just be at peace & learn to be happy….
learn to live years with out need of changing news…

I could tell you everything they’d say, i’m sure…
but you don’t really care what they think anyway…
you promise me that the future with you there,
will give happiness a new meaning, a new name…

I really think i could someday belong here…
I’d learn to roll my windows up & turn the volume down,
maybe I could even have a daily time i turn my lights out,
but without you, i could never truly be happy in this small town.

because what’s life without love?
it could be any, any life at all…
i could be sitting in the beaches of hawaii,
and i’d still be hoping for you to call…

i love you too much, i’m sure.
so much, that no one else could ever take your place.
no one else, & nothing else,
…not even a whole town, loving me like a hot summer rain.


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heart set on you

Because you put my heart at ease
when i’m freaking out over fears,
making yourself vulnerable to me,
and always assuring me of your profound care.

I never thought I would be as lucky as this.
I love you like a million years gone by,
and I still will want to be locked in your embrace,
far longer than they shall ever measure time…

It’s hard to believe love could be this strong,
I”m not just talking about passion or dreams,
i mean, the kind that makes me want to sacrifice,
and really I would do just about anything…

because being with you means more than sleep,
being with you means more than my weekend breaks,
being with you means more than the sunshine,
so i shall work until i have enough to finally relocate…


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The angels love us

There’s a gentle hush of voices
Whispering in excitement from the sky…
The angels know another great love story
Divinely crafted, has finally come to life…

It must be so frustrating for the angels,
Watching us bounce off wrong lovers all the way,
When they knew we were meant for each other,
Yet I’m glad they let us take our time & wait…

From above, it must have been laughable,
Me stressing over some break up back then,
While you comforted me, saying with certainty,
That any man would be lucky to call me his…

I’m sure they giggled as I skyped my girlfriends to sleep,
Asking how could I be so stupid as to fall for you!?
Surely I had missed my chance & you’d moved on…
If only either of us had known what time would do….

Oh the angels love us, I know…
Because I see them twinkle in the stars with glee,
They zip around glowing with the milky way,
And they sing praise of God’s perfect plan in the breeze

Oh, if I were to be an angel,
This would be my favorite part…
Knowing the two lost souls had finally
Found their way into love’s sweet heart.


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