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it was almost meant to be

we were like thunder and lightning addicted to fighting in the rain..
electrifying touches, and heart pounding words drove us both insane,
we were like that crisp apple pie smell mixed with fresh morning fog,
you were that hot cup of tea, and that original sweet heart song…

you were my tornado shelter in the storm, but disaster in the calm,
i was that exhaustion you grew too love, and the water that you lived on…
it was like we were on a tire swing, or a great trapeze,
always up and down, but neither of us could ever leave…
until i did.

then it was like the empty house on a holiday, spent alone.
it was like dreams coming alive and haunting all i’d known…
it was like seeing the commitment that was just too much to do,
and even when i left, it was almost like i still loved you…


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but i can sing of the glories gone

I was the bloom in the thunderstorm
today my petals are strewn about the floor~
refused to believe my sunshine had gone away…
still that girl chasin’ after long lost fates…

You were that ice cream on a summer day
that I left out too long, and found had dripped away,
Our hearts moved with the power of hurricane winds
but that season faded away long ago, since then

We were the rainbow glowing fresh in my heart
we were the flash of a shooting star
we were the fireworks, the fiery bursts of light
and then we fell as scattered ashes & died…

This is the problem with the most powerful of beauties,
they never stick around too long
And I’m that girl left trying to explain to my friends,
why it’s impossible for me to move on…

it was a supernatural phenomenon…
trust me, I am aware our glowing water is gone…
i know that you can’t capture the glorious dawn…
but im still writing song after heart pounding song…….


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when its finally mine

and the stars are mine
for the very first time
you know they circle our world,
or at least that’s how it is in our eyes…

and this is the farthest from home
anyone i’ve known has ever gone
i’m living the dream…
if adventure is the measure of these things

this is all i ever wanted
in the deepest parts within
oh i’ve craved this and dreamt this
and planned every part of it

and i told them all to walk away
& i told a few to maybe wait
because this was ‘more important than love’
oh looking back, what a fool i was…

because in the blue waters
of the far southern waves
i see your eyes, and
then white sands are your face,

and in the rising Andes peaks,
i remember how high my hopes reached
and in the starlit night, ‘neath the southern cross
i remember that night when we drove, till the roads stopped

and in the foreign friends i meet,
my eyes go glossy every time i meet a Sweed…
and when the lovers all cuddle neath the setting sun,
i wonder exactly just what i’ve done?

Can i ever fall in love again?
oh adventure is amazing, but i can’t pretend
i don’t miss you everywhere i go…
oh im far too content just being alone….


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Good-bye and by

we will talk for the first time in weeks tomorrow…
but the more i search, the less words i find for you…
it would be a lie to say that i want to move on,
all though, it seems obvious that we’re already through…

and i would like so dearly to fight to stay
to have you & I become more every day…
but i don’t want to look clingy in the face of goodbye…
so i shall keep my heart silent & wait till later to cry…

I really have nothing to say to you…
except i truly mean it when i say ‘good-bye’
i wish you everything good in all you do,
and that maybe i shall win you back by & bye…


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come out west….

So if you ever feel like taking a bus,
taking an airplane, or driving through mud,
if you ever feel like chasing that crazy girl…
you’ll be welcomed in my crazy world…

So if you ever turn on michael buble,
and remember dancing on the frozen lake,
if you ever see a skeleton key in a window sill,
i hope you remember me and miss me for real,

oh i hope you remember me every day and night
i wonder how often thoughts of me drift through your mind,
because you’re in my thoughts every day way too much,
and i want nothing more than to have you for lunch

tomorrow & the next day & for the rest of my life…
oh come out west on wagon or a bicycle ride…
all i know is i still love you and your blue eyes
so please come be my one and only, be my knight…


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don’t ever change…

Two years since you’ve even seen me…
But i still sit here, remembering fondly…
how you came in & stole my heart…
the prince charming who left me unarmed…

Don’t ever change, beautiful spirit,
don’t ever stop laughing & teasing away,
don’t ever stop believing one of us crazies
has a chance at being normal someday….

Keep dancing over frozen rivers…
drive that lucky next girl out under the stars
go ahead & scare her with ghost stories…
until she jumps, like i did, into your arms…

You did everything right, so don’t change…
you’ll find love in time, i’m sure it will for you
you have no idea how deep & far i fell for your soul
So download her favorite songs on your ipod too…

go ahead & drive her on a road trip south
with no destination but to find your way into her heart…
Raleigh still has that magic it did that night
when i almost kissed you, then pushed us apart…

never change… you won the girl over all right
and if i ever got the chance you know that i’d
run into your arms & kiss you just in case
you would ever still want to be my mr. right…

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yellow moons & shooting stars

There’s a hot summer breeze
blowing dandelion seeds in the air..
wishes off to take roots by the sidewalk
I close my eyes, & wish my heart’s dare…

Step by step I walk miles,
From here to where I must go next…
hours dedicated to just getting
where I can stop & take a short rest…

The sun is bending light again,
making rainbows in the clouds
I would search for the pot of gold,
If I could really tell where it touched the ground…

And Aspen leaves quiver in place
the moon grows yellow tonight…
It all begins to seem somehow supernatural,
An eerie inspirational delight…

I don’t really know what to make of it…
Even stars falling out of the sky…
I question my sanity and vision
But then, I begin to believe that i can fly…
Climb to the top of the mountain
take a deep breath of fresh night air
Then I let offer my heart to the Great Spirit…
and let it glide on the wind to you there…


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