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my heart is melting out

my heart is slowly melting out
into tears of crimson need…
staining all my journal pages
like the glass of wine I raise to drink…

my frustration leaks through cracks
like lava shifting out of grinding tectonic plates
gushing and hardening over the flowers
leaving my world in a shiny layer of grey…

my envy boils beneath my stone face
and like the scarlet afterglow of the sky
the vermilion bleeds out the wish of my heart
and cleaves just to turn back time

to before I chose to say goodbye…



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i flew too far, you flew too fast…

I flew too far, you flew too fast,
we both agreed, we’d never last,
only took a moment to turn us into the past,
costing us both a lifetime of looking back…

you chose the East, I chose the West,
seemed no point to consider a nest,
but since that day when we both left,
every view since then has been second best…

because after having such a perfect friend,
switching places, breaking each other’s winds,
can you ever fly with another again?
without all the excitement becoming pretend?

and could I have known how hard the channel’s winds would rush?…
could you have realized how deeply your heart would be crushed?
oh if we had known, even across the globe, that there was no escape…
and that hardly any one else is bold enough to fly these days..?.

well if i’m honest, i’d rather fly with you…
but you flew to the sun, and I, i flew to the moon,
it was like that dream, when you wake up too soon,
never got to resolve, never found my way back to you…


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i can be yours

i can be your fresh faced sleepy eyes,

i can be the one you wake up with by your side,

i could be your got-your-back, go-to girl…

i could be if you’d let me back into your world


oh i’m exploring the deserts and mountains too

and while over looking Valparaíso’s ocean view

like a tidal wave i was hit with memories of you…

will my heart ever let me love somebody new???


let me be your personal chef who burns everything once

your arcade game rival who always wins bronze,

let me be the one you catch in your clear blue eyes

oh let be yours, or take your memories out of my life…

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glorious heights

somewhere between the moon and the stars,
between space & time, our minds & our hearts…
the trust in our dream was lost and vanished away
We self-fulfilled our prophesy, as colors turned grey…

but the passion and brightness of saturated lights
the rushed heart beats and desire of unmatched heights,
I shall not forget the glorious fire we burned in vibrant moments too close…
and I shall miss you for all my time, or until another love so over-grows…


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i need more than your memory tonight

Honey you know how i feel
sometimes life seems so unreal
but please don’t tell me it will all be fine
cuz, i need more than your words tonight

Oh, i need you

Summers, always seem so sweet
as long, as I have dear friends with me
And from the city lights, you stole me away
took my hand, dancing over frozen lakes

oh, you promised me the truth…

Winter came and with it, goodbye
I’d never felt so wrong, in one night…
now all you are today is a memory of faith
someday, i’ll find someone as kind & brave…

oh, but i still want you

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Good-bye and by

we will talk for the first time in weeks tomorrow…
but the more i search, the less words i find for you…
it would be a lie to say that i want to move on,
all though, it seems obvious that we’re already through…

and i would like so dearly to fight to stay
to have you & I become more every day…
but i don’t want to look clingy in the face of goodbye…
so i shall keep my heart silent & wait till later to cry…

I really have nothing to say to you…
except i truly mean it when i say ‘good-bye’
i wish you everything good in all you do,
and that maybe i shall win you back by & bye…


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missed a little bit

you think you’re so smooth with your walk
you got those cowboy eyes that gaze into souls
and with deceptive genuinity you caught me off guard
you made me think you could fill all my holes…

but heart breakers like you don’t really care…
you think I’m being dramatic, or clingy, or a prude…
you’ve already made me into this cookie cutter girl in your mind,
i know how it works, because i’ve done it all too…

but this time, i was going to step out
and explore regions of vulnerability i’v yet to explore…
but i should have been a little more careful
not to be overly eager to give everything more

so you won it, i guess
i kind of fell for you just a little bit
not as much as i thought at first…
but enough, that you’ll be missed…


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