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Don’t judge a heart

There are some hearts that seem
Far too fragile to hold their love…
Don’t fear our tender dreams,
Don’t be the one who turns to run…

There are those souls far too apathetic
To have a clue what love even is,
Don’t judge us too harshly,
Once upon a time, it died within….

And there are those who have lost the magic
Whom, turn feelings into formulas and numbers
It doesn’t mean we can’t feel someday,
We just want it to be safe before we step into the wonder…

And there are the forever romantics
Who always dream of kissing in the rain
Indulge our hopeful fantasies
For the world could use more magic these days

Hearts are not meant to be judged…
You know not where it’s been
Hearts were made to be loved
And to bring alive passion within…


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wanderlust of the heart

i want to feel it all
every tear, every dream, every pulse of light,
i want it to sink into my soul
and bring all the meaningless mundane alive…

i want to feel everything
i want to feel the loss of a love so true & long
then the liberation of breaking free
and swim in the wanderlust of exploring abroad…

a petrifying fear that turns me white with cold sweat
as my senses leep into a keen awareness of every sound,
and the senseless reckless desire to just face every dare
and then a peace of rocking in a kayak with water rushing around

i want intense passion and joy and an everlasting love
to feel the that winning sensation of accomplishment rise
i want to feel the mundane, and feel the urge to run
and then to know deep down that i’m both a fool and a prize

i want to feel it all
and then travel to even more lands.
to gather sands of emotions
that i can let run through my hands…

but more than anything else,
i don’t want to gather treasures here in this life,
but memories and loved ones
full of every meaning brought and felt alive…


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passions glories comforts and grace

Oh it’s one of those nights I can not lie
I just want to hold the world close and snuggle inside
to pull comforts and loved ones to warm the cold
and to ignore the obvious fate that before us all, lies…

and yet as it ticks by, another year with little meaning
i look around at who i should choose to unite
for in the future when i look at the end in fear,
i wish i could have a hand to hold in my fright

Where it all goes, what it all means…
i suppose without love, holds no worth or gain…
so passion, and glory, and money & fame….
If i never give of my heart, my life has been in vain…


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the Rush away

Take me to the wind
and make me feel alive again…
take me to the sea.
and hold me with your love for me..

rushing waterfall in the night
starry fireflies dancing in flight
adrenaline rush of a false night scare
coming undone as you touch my hair…

the passionate burst of colors i see
when your hand reaches around me
then as i realize this could be everyday
i back up into the grey.. & run away…



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glorious heights

somewhere between the moon and the stars,
between space & time, our minds & our hearts…
the trust in our dream was lost and vanished away
We self-fulfilled our prophesy, as colors turned grey…

but the passion and brightness of saturated lights
the rushed heart beats and desire of unmatched heights,
I shall not forget the glorious fire we burned in vibrant moments too close…
and I shall miss you for all my time, or until another love so over-grows…


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FOOTBALL more than just a game

Just want to watch some football
don’t tell me it’s not lady-like.
everything is so over-whelming,
i just want to watch my game tonight…

My boys will make me proud,
& joy can last me through the week…
if they mess up it’s not my fault,
but if they win, I have the right to freak…

I’m so sick of acting like a lady,
pass me a bottle of cheap beer,
we can argue all we want to,
about all the teams out there…

Just a little football,
can make everything right,
gives an awesome sort of high,
exhilaration without a real fight…

This is how i know that i am
an American born & raised,
i know every place has it’s sport, but here,
it’s so much more than just a game…


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Love BURNS!!!

Love is not a hushed whisper
Love is a heart’s cry.
Love is not a mere word,
love is written with our lives…

Love is not a subtle feeling
love is not the kind to spurn..
love radiates when it glows
For at the core, love burns…

Love burns within a soul,
a fire eating everything else away,
centering our focus
upon the truth we can not escape…

It keeps you warm in the cold,
it purges out the imperfections
for true love is a fire of joy & pain
living off daily dedications

be careful whom you love
for fire is no toy
do not kindle up a spark
with just any sweet boy…

It can eat you alive
it can burn away & die
or it can fuel your life
Love burns… hear my heart cry…

it’s a reason to live
it’s a beacon to guide
don’t let this fire go out!
keep it burning alive!!!


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