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Man, to get here…

Man, I just don’t give a care,
the longer i live the less it means, i swear…
all the status and accolades i used to need
now appear such shallow and empty dreams…

I’ve grown past needing to get even or be right,
it was a fruitless and exhausting fight.
i’m tired of spending nights counting wrongs,
they’re forgiven and set free like a voice in a song…

I’m sure I’m still ignorant and plenty naive
enough for yall to point fingers and make jokes at me,
so go ahead, i’ll just laugh and let it go,
get an extra smile, and be fine, because you know…

man, these days, i just don’t give a care,
it comes in on one side, then out the other ear,
i’m a good person, not perfect, but i’m okay.
and i know inside out, that won’t change with what you say.

the out-smarting, the bragging, and extra glamourous things,
are worthless and useless if you don’t care for high society,
I have realized how fleeting and hot burns their fire,
while, hardly worth holding, and self harming to aquire…

so nowadays, i don’t give a care
you can love me or hate me, or in my apathy share,
I’m genuinely happy forgiving, and with it all gone,
For the first time, I have really and finally moved on…


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learn to glow again

it’s a steamy kind of summer rain
cleansing the trees of your dusty mess,
and the heart skipping crash of lightning pain,
followed by the misty peace of fresh breath

it’s the alleluia kind of sun-rays,
and the birds have new moist twigs to nest
when a heart trips among the soaking grey
and wakes up and finds there’s still love left…

it may not be in his arms next time,
but the world is sweet in the aftermath,
there’s the perfect warmth of summertime,
when i finally learned to let yesterday pass…

and i really have to say,
it’s been greener since the rain,
and i guess it took loosing my pride to him,
for me to learn how to glow again…


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passions glories comforts and grace

Oh it’s one of those nights I can not lie
I just want to hold the world close and snuggle inside
to pull comforts and loved ones to warm the cold
and to ignore the obvious fate that before us all, lies…

and yet as it ticks by, another year with little meaning
i look around at who i should choose to unite
for in the future when i look at the end in fear,
i wish i could have a hand to hold in my fright

Where it all goes, what it all means…
i suppose without love, holds no worth or gain…
so passion, and glory, and money & fame….
If i never give of my heart, my life has been in vain…


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Brighter trails

there’s a certain hour you reach
when all the walls have grown too high
and all the doors have closed to you
and you start to doubt another try….

oh then it’s not time to leave, heart like mine…
oh it’s not time to break into tears or broken sighs
it’s not the time to let the sand slip into the night
no, it’s time… to find a way to burn more bright…

oh the stars they can’t out shine us,
oh the stories they can’t even come close,
and our journey shall be the most epic,
and and the trail map can’t reach where we shall go…


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and it’s a little bit tiring
oh my feet are throbbing each night…
and it’s a little bit boring,
feeling myself falling into daily lines…

but it’s a little bit sweet,
the satisfaction of holding on again
oh I’m a little bit stronger
each time, i wake up, & face the world again…

oh & life it’s a little of this & a little of that
and a little of pushing through the slack
it’s a little of missing a little of wishing
then a little bit of happy with where i’m at

and i figure all the littles
they all make one big big world..
and it’s the small things that mean the most…
so it’s good so good, just being a little little girl


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and yet

Rested… it sounds so far away
I am so tired and exhausted these days
peace… it seems so abstract
everyone desire something they lack….

Hope, often seems in vain
it holds no power on anyone’s fate
and truth, can be so harsh
it seems like ignorance fuels the dark

yet, I must find rest
in my endless quest
and i shall follow the peace
i shall savor the sweet

and hope, i shall hold it dear
for it’s all i have in times of fear…
and truth, i must always know
for a life of lies is lived alone

change, the world always will
and before too long, we’ll all have our fill…
faith… so hard to understand how…
but it’s the root of all meaning i’ve found…

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Some desires cling to the stars

Crumble into the dust
some dreams don’t mean that much
Others simply crack and break
when hope turns cold and fake

but some desires cling to the stars
some whispers are always heard within the heart
some hopes refuse to be blown away by the breeze
like the aspen leaves hold tight to their trees…

And they may tremble and turn about
they may wait a few winters out
but when life’s seasons finally turn to spring
oh there is always that one waiting dream

Some words left unspoken may yet still speak
some islands undiscovered shall still be beached
some visions hold their weight not in gold, but peace
and some futures are the worth the long wait to reach…


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