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don’t let yourself go

Could it be that ‘the one’ is just a joke
pick some one and love them, never let them go…?
find someone and find a way to make them laugh,
why must we complicate it so much more than that?

oh i was such an angry girl,
i just wanted to fire back at the world,
such a lost dream, such a hurt hope,
such a beautiful story that nobody ever wrote…

gotta tell myself, i’m fine now, im really fine.
just the way i am, even if i know it’s a lie.
look in the mirror, learn to love the face i see,
learn to love all the hurt, the eyes are hiding…

learn to love and forgive all the sins i tried…
learn to cry and trust someone again sometime,
maybe stop building walls up so very high?
worst case- they break me, but what’s another time?

stand up strait, it’s gonna be alright
i’m just fine, every wrinkle is where it goes.
i’m beautiful and i’m a good person at the core,
pick myself and love me, never let me go…

don’t let yourself go.


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where her soul is off to?

Green zig zag lines
and air pumping machines…
digital numbers flash,
& hanging tubes & IV’s…

one unconscious girl
lays limply stuffed with tubes,
I wonder while her body lays here,
where her soul has gone off to…

Is she locked inside,
listening to me whisper in her ear?
or is she walking in heavenly gardens,
gaining strength in angelic care?

Is she being held by Mary,
before being sent back down?
or is she being enlightened,
&, like Scrooge, flown around?

Oh my baby sister…
hold on to dear life,
but if it’s too much,
at least come back for good bye…

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Let the STORM bring PEACE…

God felt my heart break,
and like any best friend,
he looked down & cried with me,
including rains & gusting wind…

I felt my heart grow icy,
sitting there in cold hospital room,
I guess God felt the lack of warmth,
& he let the snow fall too….

Oh oh, life is too fragile,
it’s too easy to break…
I’m crying by her side,
just begging her to choose to stay…

Wake up! wake up!
I shall love you even more…
But as long as I wait,
let it hail, let it storm…

16 is too young,
Lord, grant her heart peace…
help me give her love on Earth,
or grant her eternal restful sleep…

for the 6 days, my sister has been in a coma. Please keep her in your prayers. She is 16, & having seizure activity, but no response to anything…

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becomming an evacuee

Day 1-
“Oh my gosh, how awful!
The smoke is hurting my eyes,
did they really need to close the highway?
I’ll have to postpone my shopping time.”

Day 2-
“um, the fire is still burning,
& it’s billowing sheets of smoke our way…
Staying glued to the news, alarming,
but grateful it isn’t us at least today…”

Day 3-
Now we are on pre-evacuation,
but I doubt it will ever come this close,
I guess decide what you would pack,
but we probably won’t actually have to go…”

Day 4-
I guess we should make plans to go tomorrow
and all of a sudden that red line on the map
is within 1.5 miles of our home & my bed,
But now i am too much in shock to pack…

Day 5-
the sherrif rings our doorbell
informs us we have 1 hour to get out…
Groceries, towels, journals, heirlooms,
are all stuffed in as fireman’s voices shout…

I look over the hill as we drive…
I can see the flames just over the trees…
I’ve seen this before in movies…
but it wasn’t my home, my life on the brink of burning…

evacuated. scared.
helpless & afraid.
thankful for life, but, how do you live
when everything in your life is at stake?

My work is evacuated,
we have nothing to do but wait…
our house may be fine,
or my carload, may be all that’s saved…

God help all of us here,
all those in Colorado & the west today…
dear bloggers if you have a moment,
please send a prayer our way


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truly living.

Oh, what is life?
oh what counts as living?
feel the winds of change,
& feel the joy of giving…

giving God the chance
to set my heart on fire tonight,
feel the burn of regrets
and his grace comes alive…

I feel this irrepressable excitement
abound from inside the pain…
for as my remorse becomes action
i feel the sorrows wash away…

They wash away the blood of anger,
they wash away the salt of tears,
they wash away the must of lustful actions,
and anoints me as His beloved dear.

Oh what is life?
oh, what counts as living?
this burning desire for holiness,
set’s my joy on fire for giving…

to cradle children in my arms,
& share in church praise singing…
God has truly given me life.
Oh Lord, I feel you living…


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oh God be in this…

Oh, God I hope you’re here
behind the avalanche of hope & fear…
because my heart is quickly falling down,
off my solid throne of regal doubt….

Oh, I don’t even know what’s from where?
lusts or meaningful promises from near?
trust or actual love rooted from afar?
I simply don’t know where to lend my heart…

And God, if you’re not too preoccupied,
hearing prayers & healing tears the world has cried,
Oh please send me some clarity of the soul,
show me whether to reveal it to him in whole?

& give me the courage to speak up if it’s from you,
and I know i will need the words to speak the truth…
but most of all, dearest beloved of mine, true…
Please if you can do it, help him love me too…


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Because if it isn’t you…cross my heart with fate.

I am leaving the guy tonight,
the guy you said to give a chance,
because I shall never love any one,
the way i’d love to someday hold your hand.

Because if it isn’t you…
i will never fall in love.
because if it isn’t you,
i’ll be hopelessly crushed…

i’ll be that driftwood
floating down the stream,
caught in some tree roots,
until it absorbs water & sinks…

because if it isn’t you,
i will wait until that day when I am,
& that day may never come,
but i shall never love again…

And if you say it isn’t you,
then i will loose my very best friend,
but I can’t move on to another,
because I know i’ll love you till the end.

In three weeks, I am boarding a plane,
flying over the mountains and distance between,
And I shall have five days to find the answer,
In those five days, you will decide my destiny…

because if it isn’t you,
my best friend of many years,
then i shall never love again,
yes, i cross my heart with tears…


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