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don’t tempt the inner goddess

Don’t feed the inner dragon,
no matter how hot the fire he may breathe…
Don’t tempt the inner goddess,
with golden apples or a dual of manipulative strength,

Don’t tempt the inner princess,
with lands, jewels, and magic of afar,
don’t tempt the inner dreamer,
with maps to treasures, spells and stars…

Don’t tempt the beauty…
Don’t tempt the beast,
don’t tempt the darkness,
don’t tempt me.

You think you know my little tricks,
you think you have my riddles solved,
you think you and your clever little self,
are so very much more evolved…

But I breathe fire of the deep,
i’ll sink ships and burn Troy if i’m not more pretty,
i’ll trade my realm, possessed with wanderlust,
and i’ll charm the darkest into a sinful trust…

I’ll break your little world apart.
i’ll wound the sky with my sword,
Don’t dance with or lie to my inner monster ,
it is a wrath like that you’ve never seen before…


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just be real for me

once upon a time,
in a land where hearts only love
where emotions were shared equally
& there was no betrayal, only trust…

but- this world, is not our world,
so we must not pretend
that just a little bit of fire
means we’ll be each other’s ‘the end’

i am not your sleeping beauty
for i am far to fiesty & alive
and i am hardly a face worth poisoning,
so I can not be your snow white,

i have no magic powers
and i can not turn straw into gold…
i am not enchanted by some woman
to do exactly & only what i’m told…

fairytales are no more than dreams
& while dreams are fun & sweet
today, my dear, stop trying for charming,
& just be genuine enough to keep


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my fairyfail prince charming

Break through my labyrinth today
ridden with false walls, riddles & trap doors
if you can beat me at my twisted little games
then i might let you call me only yours…

But i don’t think most guys want to ride on a horse
fighting brambles, dragons, evil witches, and thorns…
to find a sleeping beauty whom’s beauty will fade
It seems girls are the seekers and guys the followers these days…

Oh but i’m caught in my dusty book of fairytales
writing a new chapter for a knight and his steed
while my own story is more of a fruitless useless fail…
with no mermaids, unicorns, or handsome prince charming

for of all the magical creatures in folklore,
least likely for you to ever find on earth,
is this perfect prince, they find at the end…
besides, if i did, i would not be of his worth….


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tonight the castle is yours

Tonight the world is yours
you have my heart & more
you have your excess of pride
and you have stripped me of all mine…

tonight you built your castle a little more
one more stained glass window adorned
one more heart caught in your tower
one more captive subject under your power…

tonight I told you the truth
long awaited & long overdue
tonight I made a joke of 4 years
tonight I added to the waste of my tears

tonight I swore my allegiance to you, my king
tonight I realized there was no one else for me…
Only problem is, there is someone else for you…
so go be hers, & I’ll resign myself to my room….

tonight you rule the world
tonight you add my heart to your piggy bank
tonight you have it all in your hands
but someday that’s gunna change

tonight ain’t the end of the world
tonight is just one day
& today you rule the world,
but just wait…. just wait…


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a few other “Ever afters”

So now I would like to take a realistic moment
To point out a serious flaw with every fairy tale’s last page…
And offer an alternative to how their time after ‘the end’
Was actually lived out as these lovely ladies began to age…

Jasmine was so happy with her little market boy of a hero
Until after the bad guy left, and he just kept spending her gold….
She watched her kingdom disappear into a crumbling a mess,
Until revolutionaries captured & tortured them in ways better left untold

And a blonde named Rose was fine with her prince,
Until the whole age thing began to really be a problem, indeed…
She couldn’t figure out all his new gadgets & she got on his nerves,
Now they sleep in different rooms, & he’s better friends with his steed…

Cinderella found herself doing the dishes again tonight,
Because all of servants decided to go to the ball next door…
And her dear prince charming was out fighting a dragon or maybe a war,
& She’s going a little crazy, talking to rats under the floor….

And poor little mermaid, she thought feet would be so cool,
But honestly she misses her family & swimming around coral reef,
& After the wedding, the prince heard her voice & cringed..
So, now she only speaks to annoy him.. into bringing her back to the sea….

So you see, my dear ladies, not to simply be sour…
But sometimes a longer dating process might come in smartly indeed,
Lest you too find a prince in a number of months,
And be filled with regrets of too fast with a mister, who aint all he seems….


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before I knight you Sir Charming

Do you picture me & you
So in love that it’s rather alarming?
Do you hope with all you do,
And try to be my prince charming?

Do you wanna be happily ever after?
…enough to work through every disaster?
You know they come faster & faster…
They say in the end, only love matters… is that us?

Would you stay up all night just to
wish upon a shooting star
would you love me enough
to even risk me breaking your own heart?

or do you get tired of my questioning?
or exhausted by all i ask of you?
Do you forget about me all day long,
And then lie and say you love me too?

how much I really don’t know
seems so very un-arming…
so, go ahead & tell me the truth
before i knight you Sir charming


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Story of Beauty says it will go

Hopeful heart of splendor,
hopeful heart aglow,
hopeful gracious beauty,
someday love you’ll know…

Just wait your sweet time,
write music while you wait,
learn to ride horses with the wind,
and take time for art & paint…

Spend your time creating beauty
beauty always inspires more…
someday your world shall be filled
with magnificence & great grandeur

And perhaps someday your future,
may come & peek into the treasure,
wealth of hopeful sayings & songs,
& be intrigued by your faith unmeasured…

He shall be inspired by it’s beauty,
and create a world of his own,
then come on horse for the princess,
or so… the story says it shall go….


but, i just don’t really know…


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