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chart our stars, and melt my heart

in the silence, beats a whisper to the dark…
it’s the soft whimper of a slowly starving heart…
no longer desperate, it has outlived the war,
but it’s missing the hope it had before…

oh so unwise, after all this time,
indecisive and apathetically inclined.
i turn so cold, when i’m afraid,
lest i relieve all the frozen pain…

i want to love, make me a sun,
blaze in the day ricochet off the moon,
i want to awake, i want to flood,
let my walls and darkness come undone

a galaxy too expansive for me,
i couldn’t chose a brightest star,
but now i see, the truth of things,
the brightest depends on where you are…

So come close to me, i want your touch.
i want you to know my heart, my love.
melt the frozen blood, let me cry,
just stay here, at my wounded side.

and I will see your scars, and light your dark.
i will hold your hand, and make you a star chart,
we can dance, on earth it’s more than enough
our day has finally come to free us to be us.

i want my best friend, by my side.
the one who makes me smile any time.
i don’t need a star, or foreign mystery,
i just want to give you everything, all of me.


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ok with being alone this time.

i don’t want another let’s just play
i don’t want another rush and then regret,
i don’t want just some fool with witty words
to cook up intrigue just to keep my heart fed…

i want something realer than a shooting star
that actually died light years ago…
i don’t want another pretend, for now, just friends…
so i’m going to start living alone…

I don’t want to waste time with Mr. in-between
Going to stay open and alive by myself waiting…
It’s hard to move on without a rebound to suffice,
but you know, I’m okay with being alone this time.


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move to the ends of the earth

nobody really needs to know
the insanity that within us all grows,
nobody really cares to share
all the anger, the hopes, and the fear…

once upon a time, our dreams begin
and soon there after they start to bend
and by the time you get to where i’m at
it’s like an all in or all out kind of drag…

and it’s not that i believe in fairy godmothers,
or that i have been lost in some fantasy,
but i’m tired of these boring just waiting things,
so I’m moving to South America this spring,

I’m pretty sure life will be the same for me
but i’m ready to live it with wonders anew,
and i’m ready for love, and trust again too
but most of all, i’m just once again ready to move

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emotion’s tide

Don’t know where emotions grow from
Or what makes them ebb away or run…
Can’t say I crashed into the deep,
As much as that I’ve waded into you & me…

And I wouldn’t write our book just yet
And I wouldn’t name our future pets…
And I wouldn’t envision the place we’ll be…
Because I’m afraid… it’s already happening…

I’m feeling little swirls of giggles & sweet
Getting little urges to kiss you on the cheek,
When i wake up, i see your ‘good morning’ text each day,
And today i realized, I can’t just let you slip away…

Because little quirky memories float like bubbles
Like holding hands, crossing streets over puddles,
You and I playing guitar on El Dorado’s park stage…
all the hippies came to listen on as the blue faded into grey…

You know, I won’t admit that crawling hugginess inside.
But the feelings are washing over like a full moon’s tide…
And looking back, over all the lemon ice cream days,
I can’t let the distance just make them drip away…


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Why? i need to know why,
why do you believe?
is some sort of magic witnessed
some talent i haven’t mastered?
or some idea i can’t conceive?

is it just some choice
that you are too stubborn to take back?
trust in the historical records of what has passed?
what is it that makes YOU believe?

sure it’s worth dying for,
but in death there are no regrets…
what’s worth living for,
is the harder faith to test…

so why?… why do you still believe?


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just be real for me

once upon a time,
in a land where hearts only love
where emotions were shared equally
& there was no betrayal, only trust…

but- this world, is not our world,
so we must not pretend
that just a little bit of fire
means we’ll be each other’s ‘the end’

i am not your sleeping beauty
for i am far to fiesty & alive
and i am hardly a face worth poisoning,
so I can not be your snow white,

i have no magic powers
and i can not turn straw into gold…
i am not enchanted by some woman
to do exactly & only what i’m told…

fairytales are no more than dreams
& while dreams are fun & sweet
today, my dear, stop trying for charming,
& just be genuine enough to keep


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find my secret door

there’s a secret door inside my walls…
i see you peek in before you kneel to crawl…
and it’s not fair just to come right on in
and just proclaimed yourself my friend…

sparking heart fires in the cold depths,
reminding me I have time & a soul left…
you come and wipe away the tears i’ve cried
object of so many inner desires denied…

the dark dank air feels a fresh breeze anew,
and my attention, is captivated by you…
If i could meet guy who does this to me,
i’m pretty sure I’d surrender easily…

if i could find someone who could get inside
and make me love them like i used to try
oh i’ve had a broken heart, left on life’s shore,
but i’ve never had a heart that’s been in true love before


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