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My heart waits

And if I were to try to find your heart,
I wouldn’t even know where to start, oh no…
A heart is not a quest
nor a war to be brought to rest,

And the man for whom I wish…
is more than just a check list…
A dream is more than colors and shapes,
it’s the way it leaves you feeling when you awake…

And I… I
I’m still waiting for mine.
Sure he’s a type, sure he’s kind,
and sure it’s the idea I have in my mind,

But it’s you and your eyes,
and the way you look into mine…
It’s how I can look at you too,
and feel completely unglued…

It’s how I want to be your partner in every game,
It’s how I want to be your side kick in every race,
It’s how I want to be your trophy, I want to be your prize,
I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine oh mine…

And if I were to try to find your heart,
I wouldn’t even know where to start,
But somewhere in the future, embedded in fate,
You better find me… for in the meantime, my heart waits…


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magnetic threads of an epic adventure

Threads of me feel so moved within
as my heart longs me to reach forth,
To stretch out it’s love in tender belief
And unite with your ever-present magnetic force

Years of dead end paths have left me
Skeptical on the meaning of words at all,
But as yours keep knocking on my inner doors
My defenses slowly begin to crumble and fall…

Oh seeker of truth, do not judge my passion
For reality so harshly that you cannot see through
That all I’ve been waiting for was a patient lover
To come capture my will, as I shall capture you.

For a skeptic like I, is simply a romantic in denial,
For whom the normalcy of roses and letters can not do…
No, I need this Romeo and Juliet, epic adventure,
I need a story of battles and volcanoes and a magical truce

Come, sweep me up on your horse back,
Let’s escape to the desert, and find a palace in which to lay
We can fight all the lions and jaguars hidden
And then return triumph with a story someday…


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Evergreen Love

I want to love you as words cannot describe
I want to trust you with your life & mine
I want to believe you and the future you promise
But more than anything, I want to be honest…

Love comes and goes in words as the leaves
That dye in Autumn & are born of the spring
A season for yes and a season for no,
But I’m ready to plant an evergreen to grow…

So if you dare to take on this crazy adventure,
If you so desire and love me as you so claim,
Come be my companion in another world for a year
And I shall give you all of my heart’s gains…


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real enough to wait

where are you right now, tonight?
Just for now, I want you at my side…
I probably haven’t met your handsome face,
or your wittiness that will steal me away

but just for once I want to know for sure
we can last, and you’re real enough to wait for
I’m not really that much of a romantic soul,
but i will be when you swoop me out of my control

I don’t ask for letters or visions from the skies
Lord, a mere dream tonight, shall suffice
of the one with whom someday i shall join hands
and share the wonders of this world & neverlands


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Poets like us

Poets like us,
we don’t always live like you do…
we can see the world like a movie
as if we are not part of the view…

poets like us,
we see the beauty hidden in every soul,
and in being romantics deep within,
we have often played the part of a fool…

poets like us,
began with wonder & trust in the world
of course it was betrayed or rejected
so we pretend to be a cynical boy or girl…

though poets like us,
we still see the glowing goodness around
and hold our desires deep in our riddles,
where our dreams and true thoughts are found…


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at the end of the galaxy…. (all you are with me)

if you’ll be the sunshine, i’ll be the breeze
and together we’d make the best summer scene…
if i am a boat, why don’t you be the sea?
i’ll happily float around in a world of just you & me…

Do you even know i’ve gone crazy for you?
like off the deep end of the world, it’s true,
i see all the galaxies and colors in the stars,
but i want to stay here where you are…

I’m like that middle school girl who you never see,
my gosh what a fool you’ve made of me…
So the world may think i’m crazy, but i don’t care
because you are the truth & I am the dare…

you are the mountain top & I, the mountaineer,
you are the elusive equation, & I the engineer,
you are the guy who I am tired of keeping in my dreams…
so if i have it my way, then I’ll become your reality…


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magical enough for me

if you’d come and find me
hidden in my mountain pines
then i’m rather certain our love
would bring fairies to life…

it would be as magical as any tale
i could weave aspen bark into gold
and your kiss would break the spell
and then all the enchantment would unfold….

we’d see the birds sing us pretty songs
and lightning works would burst from the skies,
as the pixies awaken the purple mountain blooms,
and sprinkle down sparkling snow in sunshines

and even if we don’t ride off into the clouds
on the back of unicorns as the sun sets…
i will be more than happy to make you mine forever
i’ve loved you since the first moment that we met…

it takes no pixie dust or rainbows,
and while it sounds right now imaginal
i’ve made up my mind not to let this go,
because our love, it could be magical…


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