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thank god you broke my heart

because the diamonds all got a little more dull,
and the steaming rain turned cold in the fall…
the stars all hid behind the city night lights
and you told me she was the one for you this time…

and my heart sighs a heavy sigh beneath my laughing eyes,
and sleep no longer comes easy to me, i’m busy thinking of you at night…
oh make it stop, this really hurts, but then i look up and breathe,
oh thank god, i can feel this pain, it means i’m still feeling

and thank God I really do still have you as a friend,
and thank God I’m almost ready to love again…
i’d been so afraid of heart break for so long…
but if this is as bad as it gets then, bring it on!!!

im ready to be vulnerable at long last
im ready to let these tears and more flood past
i’m tired of acting aloof and like i don’t care
im ready to love, without all the fears…


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dancing on the edge

im dancing on the edge of peace and fear
i’m drinking water to feed my future tears…
i’m laughing in the sunshine despite the distant gloom,
and i’m living in a postcard, that will burn too soon…

just flirting with the clock of my life…
what’s the value of all these exciting times?
every day they seem less and less meaningful
and everyday i just want someone to love and hold…

I dangle my legs off the pier at dawn,
sing in between ice cream bites as I skip along…
pretend like i have no cares or fears within,
but i’m frightened to death, i’ll never love again…

and i’ve hiked in jungles and islands before,
seen many a mountain and many sea shore..
I’ve travelled this world, and I’m starting to think,
maybe I’ll never find someone quite as crazy as me…


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don’t hide away

i want to lock my heart away….
hide it in a whispering gentle place…
cover my eyes from the world…
only let tender sunshine hit my face…

I really need a breath of fresh air…
the fragrance of blooming dreams…
oh i just want something powerful to come
and wash away all the pain still hurting…

oh hearts aren’t meant for crying
hearts are meant for loving and being loved…
and i wonder after enough breaking…
if i can ever really once again open up….

oh but you’ve gotta trust again,
even if it scares you to death!
‘cuz when you get to the end…
love is all that will be left…

and don’t cha want something?
don’t cha want someone there?
don’t cha want anyone to love you?
don’t you want anyone to care?

so don’t lock your heart away
don’t hide it in a secret cave…
here’s the quiet surrender i give…
i’m gonna try… try to love again


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my island soul

if i were to paint a picture & call it me…
I’d paint a slightly mysteriously distant scene…
of an island jungle mountain in the sea,

with a stranded lonely girl revealed on the sand,
always trying to find a new way onto mainland…
you can see what she can’t understand….

that she is hundreds of miles from other souls…
she’ll always be in her own world all alone….
she’s too distant to be heard or shown….

throwing a new bottle every day,
slowly growing in content in her own way…
prison of paradise owns her name…

little soul, why do you want to be saved?
Don’t you know the world is a harsh mean place?
i guess it’s too late, they just saw my flame….

i’ve been found… do i really want to be known around?
before i really know who i even am?


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See Through…

& whether it’s the future
or whether it has been
whether it is happening;
it just doesn’t matter when..

& how I choose to say it
or how I let it show
& no matter how much I deny it
I think we both still know

that life seems to happen
in it’s own, beautiful, time;
but destiny crafted a fate
authentic, for you & I…

there’s something reassuring
& there’s something so sweet…
& while sometimes I question,
he just keeps growing on me…

Through these hard times,
Through the questions,
Through me doubting,
& through the objections.

through the hurt,
& through the fears,
through the laughter,
& through the years,

to love & to hold
for as long as they live
Would I ever be so bold,
As to be able to commit?…

I am so scared
Of his big, blue, beautiful eyes
Cuz they can see right through
All that I thought i could disguise


all but the 3rd stanza was written March 15, 2010… i took out some stanza’s & substituted this one in to tailor it to match my situation now.


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