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whirlwinds from the stars

She was a whirlwind from the stars
A fiery energy that glowed into their hearts
The one who sung with a contagious laugh
Just close enough to trust but too far to ever have…

And she danced on hot beach nights under full moons
She turned the rhythm of the waves into her tunes
She wrote of magical powers, fairies, lands, and seas…
That she had witnessed every night in her vivid dreams…

And she radiated confidence in destiny & the stars
And she told them to up & follow their hearts
Always too flighty to ever settle in and stay
She left her stamp and then let life’s dawn whisk her away…

Oh she was just a shooting star
Just a wish in passing she’ll break your heart
And you’ll always wonder where she went
And you’ll always wonder what it meant

Nothing more than a dream of yesterday,
Don’t try to hold her, oh let me fly away
For girls like me, we’ve learned better than to trust you guys
Until we find that man who instead of stealing, gives us light…


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the Rush away

Take me to the wind
and make me feel alive again…
take me to the sea.
and hold me with your love for me..

rushing waterfall in the night
starry fireflies dancing in flight
adrenaline rush of a false night scare
coming undone as you touch my hair…

the passionate burst of colors i see
when your hand reaches around me
then as i realize this could be everyday
i back up into the grey.. & run away…



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in my stubborn boat of change

and you think you know life
then everything changes
the constellations rise & set
in entirely different places

as your horizon turns
and and the waters grow deep
and in months of same old, same old
you begin wondering….

Maybe i already had it all?
maybe i left it thinking of the sea
but all that is out here
is a lack of everyone & everything

in my own ocean of days
in my own boat of my own way
in my own route i will not change
i sail away from yesterdays

in my own stubborn need to be unique
i trade the solid ground for a beach
and i can’t really say i’d do it differently
when i was made to- sail the seas


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where my mind wanders…

If I were to let my mind wander,
which i know i really ought not to do…
it would chase words that have been said
and climb through windows of a future with you

If I were to let my mind wander,
it would go back to the sound of waves
swirling & flashing in the moonlight
as you held me hostage in you arms in play

If I were to let my mind wander
I would hear the sound of palm leaves…
and pouring out our hearts with trust
as we sat on walls above the morphing sea…

If I were to let my mind wander
I would remember promises you’ve made
with the assurance of friendship eternal,
and that your feelings never would change…

If I were to let my mind wander
It may race into the future unexplored,
with you as a father & I the mother,
of a family, but I dare not wander more…

For If i were to let my mind wander,
it would only find places of you & I…
if i were to truly let my heart & mind go,
i would be hopelessly devoted for all of time…

if i were to let my mind wander, i be giving you my heart


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follow me to the stars (wisdom of the seas)

“Follow me to the stars” he whispered
his son nodded in silent admiration.
And they crept out the bedroom window
leaving behind Earth’s reputation….

A wish carried them to the sea,
and the son looked up at his face,
“Why did you bring me here?”
“I wanted to show you this place…

Listen to the waves crash,
then how the sea sucks them back in…
If you speak words in hasty anger,
be prepared to do the same with them…

Do you feel the warm breeze?
taste the salty sand in the air?
Know that many nasty & wonderful
things, are forced by nature to share.

And now, come try to build a castle…
Right on the moist sandy beach.
See? some efforts are fruitless,
some endeavors worth relocating…

Finally, close your eyes…
sense that power held by the deep?
let your wrath be so,
always held captive by your mercy.”

The little boy looked up at the sky
“Dad, can we stay here forever, please?”
The father gently smiled…
“At least until you wake up from this dream”


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