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The woman on the edge of a the fountain she loved

She sat there with wisdom on the edge of the fountain she loved
It was white marble and throwing rainbows into the sky
She had two dogs at her feet, who would fight to protect her,
And, as always she sat there watching the leaves shiver to life.

Every little stone of gravel had 17 tones of color,
And she watched as kids grew up playing on the slide,
She had gone from a girl who was lost on vacation,
To waiting and watching, because this is where they said to reunite…

All these years later, it was as if it had never even happened,
She remembered her mother’s tearful embrace and her father’s strong hug
The fountain had always been her beacon, protector, and peace,
And now she is almost an extension of its ancient wish-granting love…

Today, she rests with silver grey hairs laced into her tresses,
And the same little journal she has held for ages by this time,
She was never afraid, her soul has always found its peaceful garden
Here in the center of the chaotic smoggy city in which she presides…

The queen of this park, for this has come to be her throne,
Watcher of children, keeper of stray dogs, the one all had come to trust,
Someday, they shall chisel her sweet figure out of marble,
And she’ll keep sitting gracefully on the edge of the fountain she loved.


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grown up magic….

I used to skip stones…
I used to make forts &
lived in a magical world

I was Pocahontas
I was Cinderella,
& I painted with swirls…

I ran around barefoot,
danced under the moon,
and imagined trees into life

I used to dress up
in pink gauzy nighties
& ruled the world as queen of light…

i used to make up songs
all day long as i played
but then i grew up….

and a tree trunk
was no longer magical,
it was just an old stump…

I stopped believing in fairies
& stopped looking for nymphs…
I guess it just happens…
but sometimes I look outside & miss…

dancing in the moonlight,
so I will sneak out alone,
& sing to myself as I twirl to the waterside…
take off my shoes & skip a stone…

You know, there is a magic
to a warm autumn breeze
shivering the aspens into gold,
& bringing a frantic soul peace


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the perfect setting… from the other side

it was the perfect setting…
the water was shimmering glows into the trees…
it was the perfect wedding…
from my side of the lake shore I could see the whole thing…

a black haired little girl oblivious & cute,
ran along the lake, sharing horderves with the ducks,
the ribbons dancing in the wind around the pillars,
the gazebo flashing with cameras & reflections of the sun…

And there I was across the water,
sitting in a white dress on the rocky water’s edge…
trying not to stare through my sunglasses,
with a book, a towel, & popsicle in hand…

It made me think about you,
it made me think about us,
it made me think about my youngest cousin
& those ridiculous ducks….

it was the perfect setting…
would my hair also blow in the breeze?
it looked like the perfect wedding,
…even if I do wish that was you & me…


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