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captive demon

an evil soul lives within my desires…
it beckons me, “come set it on fire…
you know her secrets, so let her burn…
what need have you, for a friend like her?”

the evil monster shifts around,
then clinches my heart & pulls me to the ground…
“oh he’s a stupid boy, he needs to learn…
so break his heart, he’s asking for the burn….”

it squeezes my gut until i almost vomit truth …
and release all the secrets i’ve held in confidence for you…
the demon sneers with evil delight as you squirm
as little flames of fire i breathe makes you uncomfortably warm…

and as you come back to plead me for release
my fingers become claws, & my body a beast….
oh the demon comes alive & devours my life…
oh i resent this dragon, for now I live in it, & not it inside I…


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where her soul is off to?

Green zig zag lines
and air pumping machines…
digital numbers flash,
& hanging tubes & IV’s…

one unconscious girl
lays limply stuffed with tubes,
I wonder while her body lays here,
where her soul has gone off to…

Is she locked inside,
listening to me whisper in her ear?
or is she walking in heavenly gardens,
gaining strength in angelic care?

Is she being held by Mary,
before being sent back down?
or is she being enlightened,
&, like Scrooge, flown around?

Oh my baby sister…
hold on to dear life,
but if it’s too much,
at least come back for good bye…

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Posted by on September 26, 2012 in explore, Faith, family, Hope, life, Nature, Poetry, Reminiscing


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Big Blue, Beautiful eyes…again

Those big blue eyes
With big black holes
Sucking me in to find
If we are kindred souls

I don’t want to look at you
I don’t want to see your smile
I don’t want to hear your voice
It ain’t worth my while

Cuz if I talk to you
I’ll start to reconsider
Cuz if I hear you laugh
I’ll start to smile inside
& if we spend more time
My heart will again begin
To Fall into those big blue eyes
And the black holes within

I ain’t gonna take you back
i won’t even smile your way
but I still wonder if you
ever regret our yesterday

I ask myself If I had done this
Maybe if I hadn’t done that
But that’s the way I am
And this is where we’re at

And I may have told you no
I may have left you behind
But you still let me go
& u didn’t really try

so you can say that it was all me
and u can accuse me of heart break
but we both know you’re just dodging responsibility
for not sucking up ur pride & asking me to stay

so while you may have big blue eyes
with black holes that make me travel through time
& u may have tempting words that sound rather wise
& while we may have had times, absolutely sublime
… I refuse to fall into your big blue, beautiful, eyes.

I can’t go back to the way things were
Or turn them into what they should have been
Now that is all just a blur
After all I’ve been through. I ain’t doin’ it again.


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