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my drought and storm….

I built myself a solid shelter from the storm…
with rusty nails the builders had once spurred.
I felt no need, in design, to conform.
so i nested it in a tree, where i could feel as a bird…

but in life, it’s usually flood or drought,
and the wisdom of elders is often drowned out,
by the firework’s boom, and the flashing lights,
and those in the trees, lose the power of lime lights…

I told myself, others would build nearby soon…
but the lights afar, were the only ones that grew,
i know that I’m the one who looks lost in a dream,
but I’m just not like them, and I’m sick of trying to be.

I”m tired of calling out, waving others to come in.
for they all promised to join, but then went away again.
and perhaps, alone, and afar, is where Im meant to be,
though, the view is now watching everyone else become happy.

call me stubborn, call me extreme,
but i won’t leave paradise just to find company…
though without someone, what is paradise for?
and so both my storm and drought begin once more…

how much is paradise really worth?
and ought i maybe consider to conform?
for the sun encircles their world and mine,
and the only similarity, is the passing time…


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but i can sing of the glories gone

I was the bloom in the thunderstorm
today my petals are strewn about the floor~
refused to believe my sunshine had gone away…
still that girl chasin’ after long lost fates…

You were that ice cream on a summer day
that I left out too long, and found had dripped away,
Our hearts moved with the power of hurricane winds
but that season faded away long ago, since then

We were the rainbow glowing fresh in my heart
we were the flash of a shooting star
we were the fireworks, the fiery bursts of light
and then we fell as scattered ashes & died…

This is the problem with the most powerful of beauties,
they never stick around too long
And I’m that girl left trying to explain to my friends,
why it’s impossible for me to move on…

it was a supernatural phenomenon…
trust me, I am aware our glowing water is gone…
i know that you can’t capture the glorious dawn…
but im still writing song after heart pounding song…….


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one less cheating guy

Sometimes I know something is wrong
and you know that feeling in your gut?
that one that pulls your conscious’s strings
…I got that as i turned the keys of the truck…

I could see the dark orange cloud hovering
over the mountains in the distant sky…
I knew it was a blizzard coming my way
but I was crazed, & pulled that stick into DRIVE…

I didn’t need a weatherman that night
to tell me i was in for ice, snow, and winds…
and it didn’t take a genius to foretell,
i wasn’t the only one who was going to regret this…

If i left right then, i could catch him in the act,
if i made it alive, and my car slid as i turned…
either he was dead or i would be by the end of the night
I drove through that solid wall of blankness as my rage burned…

Oh he was going to get it, gunna get it good
thought he had an alibi for not showing up…
oh but storms of the heart are far more dangerous than
any sort of storm that nature could cook up…

the crimson liquid melted the ice,
but it was only a few minutes, before everything was white
i backed out of the drive way & crashed that night
and now we’re what’s called even… on a stormy orange night

ps. this did not happen. i don’t exactly know where this came from, it sort of wrote itself & is kind of creepy. i swear i don’t have anger issues & would never do anything like this. but it’s sorta just creepy enough i like it. so on it stays…


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