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Coyotes, Dust, and the Cost of Love

now go go, just let it all go,
somebody’s gonna go fetch her, you know…
don’t think twice, we both know you can’t do this alone,
so go go go, go bring her back home…

and i feel the earth’s heart beat, under my feet
pulling me back, it’s hypnotizing,
do you believe in fate? do you believe in grace?
do you believe that we were made to change?

oh go go, go bring her back home real quick,
without her, you’re whole world ain’t worth a lick…
go go, the moon swells into a bright enough glow,
for you to ride through the night, and bring her back home…

oh oh oh, the coyotes howl echos in the wind,
she hears it and feeds on the rush of adrenaline,
the pounding hoof beats and the cloud of dust,
charge in the hot summer night with the reality of love…

it’s a chase, it’s a fight, it’s a battle, it’s life
it’s a flash, it’s a thunder, it’s the wild, it’s the wonder,
it’s the bang and the crash, it’s the peace in the aftermath,
it’s the years it’s the tears, it’s the glory, it’s the fears

and it’s the up and down, it’s the distance, it’s this town…
it’s the wrong, it’s the right, it’s the battle cry,
it’s the pain and the gain, it’s always been the same…
it’s the sober it’s the drunk, it’s the cost of love…


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learn to glow again

it’s a steamy kind of summer rain
cleansing the trees of your dusty mess,
and the heart skipping crash of lightning pain,
followed by the misty peace of fresh breath

it’s the alleluia kind of sun-rays,
and the birds have new moist twigs to nest
when a heart trips among the soaking grey
and wakes up and finds there’s still love left…

it may not be in his arms next time,
but the world is sweet in the aftermath,
there’s the perfect warmth of summertime,
when i finally learned to let yesterday pass…

and i really have to say,
it’s been greener since the rain,
and i guess it took loosing my pride to him,
for me to learn how to glow again…


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baggage claim love

i’m flying out to be with you in a few weeks and i can just see it now…

I’ll run from the plane to the baggage claim…
be looking for that stupid purple duffle to put on my cart,
then see you across the room, and feel my face go numb…
and the room becomes a quiet hum, but for my pounding heart…

i don’t care about the scene, i don’t care about the looks,
i want you to move with purpose, & pull me into your arms
“i’ve never been in love, but i want to love you, i want you to love me,
and if you promise not to break it, i can start giving you my heart”

let’s not even leave, let’s just go catch whatever is the next flight
and all i know is that i can’t think of anything or anyone else
who i would want to give my entire life.
baby, you and me, let’s throw caution away, and make the stars align
can’t you hear the airport cheering, & the skies come alive?..


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the magic we stole tonight

We live at the pinnacle of peace
and the intersection of heart and mind…
our love is suspended in the thick oxygen
caught between frozen moments & rushes of time…

Where music pulses in the wind
and stars wave in the air like the northern lights
the mermaids and fairies gossip at the water’s edge
of how our kiss stole dream magic & brought it alive


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dragon of mischief, love, and an epic plead

i want to find a dragon egg with you
raise it in a secret cave for a year or two
then once its stature has grown brawny & secure
i want us to climb on its wings & soar over the earth

with fiery breath to warm the cool chill
and the silence of all but the deafening thrill
hold me tight, so i need not even fear,
as we enter realm and our pasts disappear

i don’t want all these memories of before
before i had you, and your kind words to warm
i don’t want this world of distant heart aches
i want to have passion, and an eternal future that awaits

i want mischief & love & epic battles & peace
i want dragons & unicorns & powerful steeds
but more than a kingdom, magic, or wealth to win
all i want is for us to work out, long before the end…


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Hidden glows

There were years of hidden hope glows,
I dimmed so as not to scare the source away,
But as soon as I let my inner flame be exposed
I watched him or I back up & fade into grays…

If I hadn’t had years of calling it wrong,
If you were the first burning I’d felt before
Then, I’d swear up & down that this was love
And that I could never care for anything more…

If I hadn’t learned how to suppress the red cheeks,
If I hadn’t found how to hide the butterflies within
Then I’d be shining like Rudolf & wafting on clouds
SO I’ll keep my mouth shut and my feelings hidden…

But somewhere beneath, I feel the pounding,
Somewhere within, I feel the mesmerizing glow
Somewhere I hide, it’s fireworks & shooting stars
And & sometime soon enough, it might even show…

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sticky love

Love is sticky as honey in a jar
slightly tinted & hard to depart
and sometimes its sickly sweet in your gut
but all in all it’s the taste of trust

trust being held or broken in the rain
either way, i feel you on my fingers today…
so turn your honey jar upside down…
i know you have some love on the edges round…

somewhere in there you get a feeling for me
just give me a chance to let you love me…

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