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Coyotes, Dust, and the Cost of Love

now go go, just let it all go,
somebody’s gonna go fetch her, you know…
don’t think twice, we both know you can’t do this alone,
so go go go, go bring her back home…

and i feel the earth’s heart beat, under my feet
pulling me back, it’s hypnotizing,
do you believe in fate? do you believe in grace?
do you believe that we were made to change?

oh go go, go bring her back home real quick,
without her, you’re whole world ain’t worth a lick…
go go, the moon swells into a bright enough glow,
for you to ride through the night, and bring her back home…

oh oh oh, the coyotes howl echos in the wind,
she hears it and feeds on the rush of adrenaline,
the pounding hoof beats and the cloud of dust,
charge in the hot summer night with the reality of love…

it’s a chase, it’s a fight, it’s a battle, it’s life
it’s a flash, it’s a thunder, it’s the wild, it’s the wonder,
it’s the bang and the crash, it’s the peace in the aftermath,
it’s the years it’s the tears, it’s the glory, it’s the fears

and it’s the up and down, it’s the distance, it’s this town…
it’s the wrong, it’s the right, it’s the battle cry,
it’s the pain and the gain, it’s always been the same…
it’s the sober it’s the drunk, it’s the cost of love…


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want you to feel like me

I used to write songs for you and I
I used to dream in vivid colors of our future life
And as it fades away, into an inky tearful night,
I want nothing more, than to look at you & lie…

I wanna say I never thought we’d work anyway
I wanna lie & say I am so over all those yesterdays
I wanna say that I was just waiting for you to break…
I wanna lie, save my pride, and save my face…

But this time, you should really hear
All the anger, hurt, and wasted tears,
Want to make you feel as insecure as I do here,
And strip you of all I gave you these years….

Want to make your pride sting and your ego bend,
I hope you feel ugly and totally unwanted,
I hope you feel used and abused and then…
I hope you never get over it in the end…

But more than anything,
I want you to really see,
Just what a cold hearted bitch
That you have made of me.

for a friend who is going through a divorce


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why do burns keep their sting?

Why does it all have to cut so deep?
why does the burn have to keep it’s sting?
why does it feel like every word turns into a bruise?
i just miss being close to you….

and you raise your voice just to make me hear
but i can’t hear you after that over my fear
how have you & I changed so much from how it used to be?
it’s like we can’t figure out what the other is saying…

we used to stay up playing cards
till the middle of the night,
now we stay up just to fuss
or to end up having some awful fight…

used to join you on car rides
just sing country songs with you
now you’re using it as leverage
to force me to do what you want me to…

I used to think you could never be wrong,
you had all the answers to life
but now everything seems like we’re out of sync
& this definitely doesn’t feel right…

i just want to feel like you love me again
but i can’t figure out how to tell you through the tears
over the fighting & debating & gritted teeth,
our old hearts are lost, & it’s two new people standing here…


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i come from a world full of new wonder
with pieces of earth that have yet to be discovered…
but you come from an old world with an ancient past
full of legends of old carved in stone, so as to last…

and here in the middle of two worlds we stand
with young hearts & old souls we finally join hands…
oh how fleeting our lifes are, and passing the tides,
yet, we are the future, let us help tomorrow’s sun rise…

For no longer can we blame the past or our father’s
no longer is it in the hands of yesterday’s authors
for, now we the youth have grown to into blossoms…
come let us build, let us uncover ancient wisdoms forgotten,

let us be moved to humanity more than ever before
let us make all of our own little worlds finish their war
and if nothing else matters, let us release the poison from our tears
and create for our prodigy a future, where they no longer live in fear


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Let “us” Rest In Peace

Don’t lie to me, I can see through your tears…
You’re just covering up how much you really don’t care…
Don’t make me feel worse than I already do…
Stop making me keep holding on to you

Oh this ain’t healthy, And this ain’t right
We both know it’s over, We’re both tired of the fight
Oh & I’m tired of waiting for this uneasiness to end…
For just once why don’t we Just call this what it is???

Oh ‘it’ is over… & we’re so through
And I thought I could make things work out with you
But I just feel awful inside, guilty all the time,
Like I won’t ever feel this is right & I know that I don’t love you… so fine-

I’m not going to lie through my tears
Just to cover up how much I don’t care…
Don’t make me feel worse than I already do
For having already let go of you…

it wasn’t healthy, & it wasn’t right…
i mean it this time, this is the end to the fight…
just let me go… oh… just let me leave
just let us go… and…just let ‘us’ rest in peace…


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certainty of tears/ the glue & the nails

My heart knows certainty
when I’m crying outloud…
when i’ve given up on pretending
i’m okay, & i’m not down…

You’re soft voice always answers
‘hey, you… tell me it all?”
the words tumble all over the air
then together, we take a fall…

we fall into each other like each time before,
you remind me why i’m so very blessed,
then sweet stories & reminiscing
turn tears to laughter and happiness…

What would i do without you?
i mean really, who else can fix me like you do?
when i’m so broken & in pieces,
you know exactly where each part of me goes to…

Thank you God for bringing you into my life
rebuilt my heart like a puzzle, hundreds of times,
you’re not only the builder, but the glue & the nails
that holds me together, & makes it all right

i love you,
i miss you,
wish you weren’t far away…
i’ll wait,
we’re worth it
just take it day by day…


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Survivor; try me.

I’m definitely the weakest.
but i always will survive.
maybe just scratch by,
but alive is still alive…

You ask me if i’m ready
to really add something more
i can’t help but kind of laugh
shrug & mumble, “sure”…

Try me.

i’m like that scrawny kid
who just doesn’t know when to give up
And whenever the school bully punches him
he just falls, then get’s back up….

Try me.

i’m like a piece of grass,
you can step on me again & again;
but a heart shall never break,
as long as it knows how to bend…

Try me.

I may look like I know nothing
about life or hard times,
but, let me give you a quick taste,
just a small dose of my life…

I’ve been stranded in the Rocky mountains,
I’ve lived in a Mayan village for weeks…
I survived being held at gun point…
All of a sudden, im not feeling so weak…

I’ve gone through family tragedy,
watching a brother & a sister both try
to steal their lives from the world…
And, never once in public did I cry…

I came down with Scarlet Fever
& pneumonia at the same time,
but just like when i had two dear friends die,
I always find a way to survive.

I’ve lived on my own before,
working graveyard shifts to make ends meet,
it was nothing glamorous at all,
but i made enough for rent & food to eat.

I’ve had my share of being mistreated
by guys in ways i won’t write.
i’ve had my share of leaving all those
i love & moving on with my life…

I’m not saying that i do it perfect,
i’m not even saying that i do it right.
all i’m saying is that I can do it…
All I’m saying, is that I survive.

After all, I have already been tried.


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