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don’t tempt the inner goddess

Don’t feed the inner dragon,
no matter how hot the fire he may breathe…
Don’t tempt the inner goddess,
with golden apples or a dual of manipulative strength,

Don’t tempt the inner princess,
with lands, jewels, and magic of afar,
don’t tempt the inner dreamer,
with maps to treasures, spells and stars…

Don’t tempt the beauty…
Don’t tempt the beast,
don’t tempt the darkness,
don’t tempt me.

You think you know my little tricks,
you think you have my riddles solved,
you think you and your clever little self,
are so very much more evolved…

But I breathe fire of the deep,
i’ll sink ships and burn Troy if i’m not more pretty,
i’ll trade my realm, possessed with wanderlust,
and i’ll charm the darkest into a sinful trust…

I’ll break your little world apart.
i’ll wound the sky with my sword,
Don’t dance with or lie to my inner monster ,
it is a wrath like that you’ve never seen before…


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My heart waits

And if I were to try to find your heart,
I wouldn’t even know where to start, oh no…
A heart is not a quest
nor a war to be brought to rest,

And the man for whom I wish…
is more than just a check list…
A dream is more than colors and shapes,
it’s the way it leaves you feeling when you awake…

And I… I
I’m still waiting for mine.
Sure he’s a type, sure he’s kind,
and sure it’s the idea I have in my mind,

But it’s you and your eyes,
and the way you look into mine…
It’s how I can look at you too,
and feel completely unglued…

It’s how I want to be your partner in every game,
It’s how I want to be your side kick in every race,
It’s how I want to be your trophy, I want to be your prize,
I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine oh mine…

And if I were to try to find your heart,
I wouldn’t even know where to start,
But somewhere in the future, embedded in fate,
You better find me… for in the meantime, my heart waits…


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Thunderstorm thoughts

outside it’s a thunderstorm
inside, my upper back still hurts
the dogs are whining in fright
and I’m just really restless tonight

it seems like I should start a cozy fire,
and cuddle next to someone who’s also tired
and just sip hot chocolate or tea
as the dark storm isolates us from everything

I pride myself in my independence
don’t really need a guy or that commitment
but in the lightning storm on a summer night
just for once, having someone would sure feel right

It’s times like these, i lean back and wonder
if maybe i really don’t need that adventure to wander
but at the same time, give me a ticket & some gas,
and i’d be on my way, to see the world at last…


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if i’m honest

You asked me to be honest,
here’s the problem I don’t know the truth…
you asked me to open up…
you don’t know what you are asking me to do…

I haven’t opened those chambers
since before I iced my heart numb of pain…
see, i’ve sealed it off & i can give you the facts
but i can’t let you touch or try to warm the chains…

I guess if i’m honest, i really do want to open up
just a little curious, if maybe I am too prone to run…
if i’m really honest, i really want a family someday,
if i’m really honest, i feel guilty for pushing everyone away

but if im really honest, I have some ghosts to face
if i’m really honest, I’m not worth your time to wait,
and if i’m really honest, you are nothing more than a game,
if i’m really honest, you best just let me sail away…


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Today, I’m a bitch

Today, i realized how sour i’ve become
today i realized I’m a jealous bitch
today i realized i’m not really a good person
and today, I realized i’m not over it…

I’m not over all the rejection, all the hurt & lies,
I’m not over all the people I’ve left, or friendships I abused,
I’m not over all the people that I’ve left behind,
and i’m not quite ready to accept the truth…

today i realized i play games with boys
because it’s the only control & power i get
i’m not where i want to be in my life
& failure kinda sucks when it starts to sink in…

Today i realized I don’t want to let anyone love me
because the people who love me, I always let down
I know this sounds depressing & sad and all that,
but all i feel is angry & annoyed with how it all turned out…

Tomorrow, i may learn to love the world again
tomorrow, i may want to let someone love me too,
tomorrow, i may just be happy & content with life,
but today, tomorrow seems a little vague & untrue

when you look under the bandaid
there’s ugly scars & open wounds
Does anybody ever really heal from the world?
or do they all just bullshit their way through?
I mean, even Jesus still has wounds


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chains & storms

Some nights i miss you so much
i break my heart within tearful chains
but the memories won’t let me loose…
i hide from friends with ‘i’m too tired’ claims…

with led balls of guilt, i won’t go out, i find
sometimes you just need a long hard cry…
& like the rumbling Texas lightning strikes…
the flashing memories can’t be contained tonight…

so tonight i lay broken in two
i would do anything to take back time
i didn’t know you were more divided than I am…
i didn’t know your chains were too heavy to fight…

and definitely didn’t know you would take your own life…


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our secret portal of hope

You know I’ve always been this way
overly protective of our secret portal of hope…
only you & I know just how much they don’t know
of what it means to us, we’re never alone…

Am I using us now?
has this friendship turned into dynamite?
You say girls & boys can’t be just friends
then why do we still talk every night?

All our moments of intimate truths shared
have been slowly gathered & prepared
and if feels like it will only take a spark
to start a fire of explosions in the dark…

I’ve dated my best friend before…
i broke his caring & bleeding heart
you should really know better by now
despite how much of a romantic you are

I am far too overly protective of what we have
I don’t care if we think it’s love don’t say it out loud
You’re there for me, & I’m here for you, we have a deal,
please i beg you, just don’t ask or tell me how we feel…


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