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So shall end my war.

I just want my heart to love,
but have a heart that fights…
it guards and battles breaks and pain,
but it brings its own type of demise…

I just wanted to be soft and sweet
like my childhood when i trusted.
but time hardens and leaves cuts,
like sweet rain leaves doors rusted…

and i may be alone and angry inside,
i may live in my own storm of lies…
i may allow my demons to stay alive,
and i may insanely fight the same battle another time

I may bathe in my own fire and tears,
i may distrust before they have the chance to care,
and i may live in a sort of constant fear,
but deep beneath, a hope lives here.

Deep below the dirty ground of blood,
and the skeletons that scared me into hiding under my bed,
where it is too quite to hear the chaos above,
there is a faith, that shall not be one counted as dead…

and the wars and storms i’ve called to rise,
swirl around in the winds of cheap compromise,
but when i overthrow the kingdom of my life,
it shall be ruled with peace, as love the prize.

Thinly painted on the surface, and buried at my deepest core,
my sanity lives, and is remembered as strongly as before.
Someday the flashes of rage, and resentment well-worn,
shall fall apart, and surrender to grace, and so shall end my war.

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Posted by on January 8, 2015 in Faith, introspective, life, Poetry, Stories


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is that too much to ask?

I really love being single,
but i see my beauty waning each day…
and I hate the whole got to mingle
but I’m rapidly facing the reality today…

I don’t want a boyfriend, they are wastes of time
I’m perfectly comfortable living my own life..
but im getting to where I want to settle down
and i just want a guy who really figures me out…

i want him to be strong and big, and sweet and kind,
have a handsome face, and preferably blue eyes,
i want him to be wise and witty, and to make me laugh,
and to be deep and true, is that too much to ask?

they say i got to lower these standards down…
but i just don’t know which one, or how…
i’m sorry, but all the good ones are taken these days
maybe i waited too long, and turned love into a game…

but today, i’m dancing on the edge of tomorrow and today


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whirlwinds from the stars

She was a whirlwind from the stars
A fiery energy that glowed into their hearts
The one who sung with a contagious laugh
Just close enough to trust but too far to ever have…

And she danced on hot beach nights under full moons
She turned the rhythm of the waves into her tunes
She wrote of magical powers, fairies, lands, and seas…
That she had witnessed every night in her vivid dreams…

And she radiated confidence in destiny & the stars
And she told them to up & follow their hearts
Always too flighty to ever settle in and stay
She left her stamp and then let life’s dawn whisk her away…

Oh she was just a shooting star
Just a wish in passing she’ll break your heart
And you’ll always wonder where she went
And you’ll always wonder what it meant

Nothing more than a dream of yesterday,
Don’t try to hold her, oh let me fly away
For girls like me, we’ve learned better than to trust you guys
Until we find that man who instead of stealing, gives us light…


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Evergreen Love

I want to love you as words cannot describe
I want to trust you with your life & mine
I want to believe you and the future you promise
But more than anything, I want to be honest…

Love comes and goes in words as the leaves
That dye in Autumn & are born of the spring
A season for yes and a season for no,
But I’m ready to plant an evergreen to grow…

So if you dare to take on this crazy adventure,
If you so desire and love me as you so claim,
Come be my companion in another world for a year
And I shall give you all of my heart’s gains…


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half-assed baby

it’s true I am getting older,
& perhaps a bit bolder,
wasted too much time on you
which is why we should just be through

and now you’re calling ‘wait, baby!’
but it’s too late for my ‘maybe’
you’re so full of excuses & scape goats…
i’m tired of your singing fake notes…

You take no responsibility
if every problem stemmed from me
why are you still here?
it’s time for you to disappear…

Noo… no more ‘maybes’
i ain’t your baby…
noo.. just go, OH i say
what i mean today

I’m tired of you juggling me & work
I’m tired of you treating me like your trophy girl..
I’m not what you’re looking for any more
So sick of your half-assed ‘I’m sure’

I won’t take the late late nights
I won’t take the “but I tried”s…
& it’s true I’m just getting older…
which is why I’m finally enough bolder

to stop wasting any more time
and move on with my life…
goodbye half assed baby…
So I’ll leave with a half assed maybe….

but really, i think we both know
it’s time to let this circus go…
I’m feeling up to finding passion & love maybe soon
And all i got to go on, is that it sure ain’t you…


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to the bay the sun & beyond

I sailed out to the setting sun
but I told you it was a hit and run
& you believed me & followed me to the bay…
Life’s too hard just to let it go
But I wanted to make sure you know
I never meant to let us break…

I tried to stay true -true To you To all of our dreams
I tried, baby tried Harder than it seems
& I, I just had to run away
You seem to think it was all just a hoax
But sometimes, baby, that’s how life goes
that way, Away… away… away


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Some desires cling to the stars

Crumble into the dust
some dreams don’t mean that much
Others simply crack and break
when hope turns cold and fake

but some desires cling to the stars
some whispers are always heard within the heart
some hopes refuse to be blown away by the breeze
like the aspen leaves hold tight to their trees…

And they may tremble and turn about
they may wait a few winters out
but when life’s seasons finally turn to spring
oh there is always that one waiting dream

Some words left unspoken may yet still speak
some islands undiscovered shall still be beached
some visions hold their weight not in gold, but peace
and some futures are the worth the long wait to reach…


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