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magic of the deep

what if i told you the world is magic?
that all around you, it flickers in the dark?
what if i told you, as you stare at your screen,
behind your back, you just missed a tiny little spark?

what if i told you that in rivers flow wishes,
but it only carries those desires that conjure a tear
and then as the stars reflect on the ripples,
they one by one, take on, a chosen cause from there….

and out of the pools of wishes shed,
the chosen dreams leap to the star’s bright thrones
and from the heavens, fate is woven into the tides
the tides when blessings seem to come & go…

But it’s all interlocked & it’s all one great scheme
and dandelion seeds hold more power than you think
and all the trivial wishes you roll your eyes as i plead…
oh the world is magical, & you’re missing the deep


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let’s be crazy hippies…

spray paint the sidewalk blue….
build me a wagon turned canoe
and let’s pack ourselves some food supplies,
then go freaking crazy like the hippies do….

oh because this whole world
is a feral and rather wild place,
and we’re all just trying to tame
ourselves & the whole human race…

all these civilized rules and taxes
are starting to really get old to me,
i say we pull our wagon to the jungle,
or until we hit the edge of the sea…

and let’s just go wild like we are
deep down inside, where our souls are caged,
let’s dance around the beach
and ignore all the world judges us to say…

because if you & I are crazy together,
then i’m happy with this world of our own,
as long as i have you by my side,
then all the chaos simply goes,

our love makes the stars align
and all dandelion seed take flight in the wind,
our hearts make destiny come true,
and the whole world make sense again


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grown up magic….

I used to skip stones…
I used to make forts &
lived in a magical world

I was Pocahontas
I was Cinderella,
& I painted with swirls…

I ran around barefoot,
danced under the moon,
and imagined trees into life

I used to dress up
in pink gauzy nighties
& ruled the world as queen of light…

i used to make up songs
all day long as i played
but then i grew up….

and a tree trunk
was no longer magical,
it was just an old stump…

I stopped believing in fairies
& stopped looking for nymphs…
I guess it just happens…
but sometimes I look outside & miss…

dancing in the moonlight,
so I will sneak out alone,
& sing to myself as I twirl to the waterside…
take off my shoes & skip a stone…

You know, there is a magic
to a warm autumn breeze
shivering the aspens into gold,
& bringing a frantic soul peace


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the perfect setting… from the other side

it was the perfect setting…
the water was shimmering glows into the trees…
it was the perfect wedding…
from my side of the lake shore I could see the whole thing…

a black haired little girl oblivious & cute,
ran along the lake, sharing horderves with the ducks,
the ribbons dancing in the wind around the pillars,
the gazebo flashing with cameras & reflections of the sun…

And there I was across the water,
sitting in a white dress on the rocky water’s edge…
trying not to stare through my sunglasses,
with a book, a towel, & popsicle in hand…

It made me think about you,
it made me think about us,
it made me think about my youngest cousin
& those ridiculous ducks….

it was the perfect setting…
would my hair also blow in the breeze?
it looked like the perfect wedding,
…even if I do wish that was you & me…


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rain of the soul

Sweet, strong, mother dear,
you can cry all you need,
Tears are rain on the soul,
watering the dry desert’s seeds

everyone likes days of sunshine,
but without rain there are no flowers,
I want to be your oasis,
so go ahead, & cry down tearful showers…

I shall gather your tears on my sleeve,
& hold your head tight with care,
you’ve spent far too long being the bravest,
without anyone to confide in or share,

Please don’t hide them from your daughter,
Come, now, I shall scratch your back,
Oh beautiful mother of sunshine,
go ahead & cry, even if it won’t last…

Water your lovely garden,
there’s a beauty in admitting weakness
though i shall never hold it against you,
Only comment on your new flower’s sweetness.


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I’m going to the sea

I am going to the sea right now,
And since i have no money for a plane,
it’s too far to drive in car,
& there is no connecting train,

I shall ride there on the wind,
carried by the magic carpet of my dreams,
i shall conjure up the waves & sands,
and recall how they wriggle in moon beams,

I can smell that salty fresh warmth,
I hear the rustling of palm leaves dance,
And my feet sink into the endless sands
as the tide comes & the waves chant…

I’m going to remember the wonder,
i’m enveloping myself in it’s peace,
aww, feel the ocean’s power rest
oh, let this dream never cease…


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wisdom of the water

‘Heed the lesson of the rain drop’
an elderly squaw once told me,
‘it follows the humble path,
and doesn’t fight gravity…

yet it always gains momentum,
flowing with the greatest strength,
stronger than even the rocks,
yet still, below all other things…

Water leaves it’s mark on canyons,
and we seek it out to survive,
Water has a system it follows,
and it will come & go with the tide,

Heed a lesson from the water,
be humble as you set out again.
Don’t fight the ways of nature,
& don’t fear the mighty mountain…

Find a method that you can follow,
and gain strength from those around.
If you can learn to be like water,
then you shall make your people proud.’

from the creek to the river
from the river to the lake
even the tide in the ocean,
water is wise in it’s way…

No, an old squaw did not give me this advice, but it I did fabricate it out of the inspiration i felt after hearing an old Oglala Sioux saying, “We should be as water, which is lower than all things yet stronger than even the rocks”…


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