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Drowning in an empty tub

She wouldn’t have noticed you, i’m sure.
but she know’s exactly what she has in you,
because her interest was officially spurred
when she followed my eyes to you across the room.

and i’m laying naked in an empty bathtub,
drunk on tears, and hungover on regrets.
too exhausted to bother turning the water on,
to clean up and pretend like i forget…

So you want me to come and see you
end up with the girl of your ‘dreams’
sent me an email and told me if you had known,
long before her, it would have been me.

And I’m swept into moments i let pass,
when a kiss would have sufficed to say
all that my words weren’t when i’d just laugh
so happy to just spend the time with you every day.

and it’s my fault i let it all go by,
you thought we were friends, and decided it was fine.
i should be happy, even if you’re not mine…
maybe, i’m not your friend anymore this time.

i just feel like a stranger.
i just feel like a lost girl.
and she looks like a barbie
and im caught in barbie world.

i sit up, and let hot water steam all around.
clean up, do my hair, my make up all sweet,
guess, i’ll show up, and pretend that I
that I am okay, that i’m okay with everything…


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just walking away…

Funny how one day one wedding
can make everything change…
And for the first time & for the last time…
I’m walking away…

Don’t know if love is black or white
But I know that it ain’t shades of grey…
Never been the kind to leave a friend
but feeling used & left with no name…

Best friends, we pinkie promised
Wrote an oath & signed in pen…
Funny how with time we grow &
Wonder what’s the point of it?

We were best friends,
We were known as ‘the twins’
We grew up in each other’s homes…
Is this really going to be the end?

Cuz you grew up & are getting married
And all this drama is for one day…
You want me to give a toast but,
For the first & last time, I’m walking away

Tired of being the one you call up late,
Always talking about you & your life,
Always me waking up early or staying up late,
Feeling taken for granted & utilized…

So for the first time
And for the last time
I love you girl but I…
Am walking away….


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i’ve had it with bridezilla

Weddings are just one day… RIGHT?!
a few freaking fleeting perfect hours of bliss…
funny how if you do it wrong though,
you can end up destroying happiness…

friendships burned in dreaded time,
as maids battle over the bride
is this seriously how 9 years can end?
so much for true & tried….

F*** this Sh** & F** that day
fairytales aren’t real as we all know,
but feelings are forever,
and mine were just iced in snow…

For I, your maid of honor & my date,
go save yourself 2 on your headcount…
you hurt me as much as I never thought you would….
so this fairy godmother wants the f*** out.

excuse my language. Evidently bridal duties comes down to who will buy the bride more. funny? i thought it was friendship. but some barbies can fake that well. want my story, basically go watch ‘bridesmaids’ without the happy ending part. & you’ll get it.


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the perfect setting… from the other side

it was the perfect setting…
the water was shimmering glows into the trees…
it was the perfect wedding…
from my side of the lake shore I could see the whole thing…

a black haired little girl oblivious & cute,
ran along the lake, sharing horderves with the ducks,
the ribbons dancing in the wind around the pillars,
the gazebo flashing with cameras & reflections of the sun…

And there I was across the water,
sitting in a white dress on the rocky water’s edge…
trying not to stare through my sunglasses,
with a book, a towel, & popsicle in hand…

It made me think about you,
it made me think about us,
it made me think about my youngest cousin
& those ridiculous ducks….

it was the perfect setting…
would my hair also blow in the breeze?
it looked like the perfect wedding,
…even if I do wish that was you & me…


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Prisoners of diamonds & snow… set free

The highest quality cut diamond,
was set into the golden ring,
His trembling hands fought to hold it
as he proposed to her on one knee…

How her heart & mind were torn!
Her heart loved him to the point it burned!
but, he was going off to war,
on a mission, from whence he might never return…

But looking into his golden green eyes,
She could do nothing but fall into his arms
She cried yes with her future & soul
begging the Lord to protect him from all harms…

The drive to the airport was eternal,
He embraced & kissed her tenderly
& it took more strength to let him go
than she ever could have imagined she’d need..

Minutes ticked away & she counted the days.
A phone call a week, with bad reception…
days turned to weeks, & weeks to months,
She started to question if she’d see him again.

When her doorbell rang, her heart sank into a cry
She let the stiff man in his uniform quietly step inside.
“Ma’am, he’s been captured…behind enemy lines…”
This couldn’t be real… “At least he’s alive…”

The torture of questions & uncertainty
Visits were paid by neighbors in vain…
Thick snow began to fall on her doorstep,
but she didn’t bother to sweep it away…

Finally she took a star-lit walk one midnight
She couldn’t hold in her terrified tears
She took off her gloves & sunk her knees into ice
screaming at God her waves of fears…

She looked down at the answer on her hand
the symbol of captivity he held her heart in..
the diamond must have fallen in the snow,
for it was no longer safe in her golden band..

She frantically stirred the white crystals all around
but her diamond was just another snowflake on the ground
and through blurry stinging eyes, she couldn’t even see
was this God’s answer to her heartfelt pleas?

She made herself as much as prisoner as he,
Enough of the tears, enough of the self-pity…

She set to work, determined with insanity…
and knit 3 boxes of scarves…
cooked home-made fudge & cookies
then wrote an honest plea for their mercy.

She went to send the box, knowing it would be in vain
The February sunshine, turned the snow into rain…

When she unlocked the door, she rocked in disbelief
there was her fiance, bended once again on his knee…

holding in strong, firm hands, a single diamond to her
“It’s over”, he whispered, “I’m home from the war”…

“I went out to pray, & found this diamond from your ring…
and if you still love me, then come away & marry me…”

With the melting snow, God had made everything right
She walked down an aisle of roses, in glistening white…

Together, they moved away from the snow and ice…
They lived a humble life, cutting diamonds to make ends meet…
.. & with a love eternal, a love secured in mutual sacrifice…
They lived as love’s prisoners forever, the free-est of the free, …


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