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please fall in love with my smile again

and i feel cold as the warmth of any love we had fades away
i feel alone in the light, in the dark, and at the end of every day,
but i won’t show the tears I’ve cried, they aren’t who i am..
i’ll only laugh, so maybe you will fall in love with my smile again…


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but i can sing of the glories gone

I was the bloom in the thunderstorm
today my petals are strewn about the floor~
refused to believe my sunshine had gone away…
still that girl chasin’ after long lost fates…

You were that ice cream on a summer day
that I left out too long, and found had dripped away,
Our hearts moved with the power of hurricane winds
but that season faded away long ago, since then

We were the rainbow glowing fresh in my heart
we were the flash of a shooting star
we were the fireworks, the fiery bursts of light
and then we fell as scattered ashes & died…

This is the problem with the most powerful of beauties,
they never stick around too long
And I’m that girl left trying to explain to my friends,
why it’s impossible for me to move on…

it was a supernatural phenomenon…
trust me, I am aware our glowing water is gone…
i know that you can’t capture the glorious dawn…
but im still writing song after heart pounding song…….


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whirlwinds from the stars

She was a whirlwind from the stars
A fiery energy that glowed into their hearts
The one who sung with a contagious laugh
Just close enough to trust but too far to ever have…

And she danced on hot beach nights under full moons
She turned the rhythm of the waves into her tunes
She wrote of magical powers, fairies, lands, and seas…
That she had witnessed every night in her vivid dreams…

And she radiated confidence in destiny & the stars
And she told them to up & follow their hearts
Always too flighty to ever settle in and stay
She left her stamp and then let life’s dawn whisk her away…

Oh she was just a shooting star
Just a wish in passing she’ll break your heart
And you’ll always wonder where she went
And you’ll always wonder what it meant

Nothing more than a dream of yesterday,
Don’t try to hold her, oh let me fly away
For girls like me, we’ve learned better than to trust you guys
Until we find that man who instead of stealing, gives us light…


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the real kinda everything

I don’t want your ‘hey girl’ or ‘oh sweet thing,
let me butter you up, so that you’ll sleep with me’…
don’t want your ‘here u go’… alcoholic drink,
‘just a little buzz, be my bumble bee’

oh & his blue eyes shone so bright that night
just bright enough to blind me to his true light…
don’t want all the words in a cheesy romance song…
don’t want to be your sexy lady or your oh la la…

I wanna be the one who you fall for my heart
who’s soul is elusive, but you manage to pin with a dart…
i wanna be the girl who you could never forget if you tried…
i want the real stuff, the gritty kinda ‘love you till i die’….

i want the dirty, muddy, stormy, passionate promise made…
that you’ll hold my hand when i’m wrinkly & ninety eight…
i want your face to linger in the back of my heart in every dream,
but your true self to come body & soul, make a pack, let’s be a team

I want the real kinda mundane, rub my feet,
i want the i’m exhausted, but first i’ll cook u something to eat,
i want the small little favors woven into all they call boring
and i haven’t met you yet, but i want us… i want the real thing.


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magic of the deep

what if i told you the world is magic?
that all around you, it flickers in the dark?
what if i told you, as you stare at your screen,
behind your back, you just missed a tiny little spark?

what if i told you that in rivers flow wishes,
but it only carries those desires that conjure a tear
and then as the stars reflect on the ripples,
they one by one, take on, a chosen cause from there….

and out of the pools of wishes shed,
the chosen dreams leap to the star’s bright thrones
and from the heavens, fate is woven into the tides
the tides when blessings seem to come & go…

But it’s all interlocked & it’s all one great scheme
and dandelion seeds hold more power than you think
and all the trivial wishes you roll your eyes as i plead…
oh the world is magical, & you’re missing the deep


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when i shall give up on thee

When the clouds fall to earth
and the waters rise from beneath
when the melodies hidden in the wind
are shaken to the ground & released

When the morning refuses to dawn
and the flowers only grow black & white
indeed when nature too, goes wild
then I shall surrender my crazy fight

for it is only natural, my dear
that i should fight through verses & tears
to trust you so much it hurt to know
that i should never again, trust or love anyone so….

So when the darkness is shattered
and the stallions gallop above the trees,
indeed, when the heavens give up on earth,
then & only then, shall i give up on thee….


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almost never dies

like the rainbow that almost glowed
before the sun decided to set…
the winning chips you almost cashed
before you lost that all-in bet…

like the leading lady role
your call-back wasn’t enough to get
that perfect wedding dress
that was the last one in a size that didn’t fit…

so close, but no cigar for us my dear…
you are the one I almost loved sincere
but like the rainbow that never got to appear…
we were the perfect couple, lost to fear…

you were the one i almost loved in real life…
but now, i’ll love you in my dreams until i die…
it’s been a few years, and we still have yet to say goodbye…
when they ask me why not him, you’re the reason why…

that number one hit, the record company turned down
the perfect make up until the rain drenched me wet…
and all i can hope, and all i can pray for any more
is that our chance, isn’t really over yet…our sun hasn’t truly set


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