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memories to relive

cozy toes curled on soft carpeted floors on a winter night,
electrically charged sunrises over the mountain filled skies,
thick coffees, teas, and milky hot chocolate drinks,
friendly embraces and fire colored autumn leaves…

dewey dotted gardens filled with daily growing life
crimson roses that let their perfumes take loving flight
fireflies that dance on a texas summer night
and windy days filled with billowing distant kites…

Silky story book pages bleeding of color and worlds
filled with contagious adventures and magical girls.
campfires, and juicy berry cobbler served boiling sweet,
genuine smiles and hearts full of hopes in distant dreams…

never lose the wonder, never lose the peace,
never stop loving, and trying, and giving everything.
embrace every sunrise, and paint it’s details within,
hold every memory, to relive joyously again and again…


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wanderlust of the heart

i want to feel it all
every tear, every dream, every pulse of light,
i want it to sink into my soul
and bring all the meaningless mundane alive…

i want to feel everything
i want to feel the loss of a love so true & long
then the liberation of breaking free
and swim in the wanderlust of exploring abroad…

a petrifying fear that turns me white with cold sweat
as my senses leep into a keen awareness of every sound,
and the senseless reckless desire to just face every dare
and then a peace of rocking in a kayak with water rushing around

i want intense passion and joy and an everlasting love
to feel the that winning sensation of accomplishment rise
i want to feel the mundane, and feel the urge to run
and then to know deep down that i’m both a fool and a prize

i want to feel it all
and then travel to even more lands.
to gather sands of emotions
that i can let run through my hands…

but more than anything else,
i don’t want to gather treasures here in this life,
but memories and loved ones
full of every meaning brought and felt alive…


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to touch the fallen stars

Many days have I walked in pursuit of the stars
many people think you have to reach too far,
that it’s something beyond humanity’s grasp or worth…
but I have collected remnants of fallen wishes upon the earth…

for every shooting stars bursts into flame
and several crumble into fiery grains,
at least a few of these shimmers fall into the breeze
that then settle & waft down into the sea,

& have been washed up on the shore,
then spread around once more
and now are integrated in the sands
In which I have built castles with mine own hands

and i care not for the stricter definitions or reasons that constrain
for me rainy days are good weather to go & dance with no semblance of shame
for me, the world is but an oyster, & i shall break out of the shell to explore
for me, no matter what they tell me is the story, I will always want to know more

and i see no issue with savoring every bite of life i chew…
i see no problem in deciding for myself all that i shall do,
in fact i see it as perfect to look at a world full of trials & dangers & fears
& know that it shall be mine to conquer for the rest of my years…


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sweaty halo

I guess we’re all a little fallen angel
somewhere deep below the acts we do
i think every girl has a dream she let die
in order to make another grow and bloom

but I’m missing my wings on the road tonight
because on rocky trails, oh how my feet tire…
and as my halo gets hot & sweaty around my hairline…
i would love to fly, but i just know i’d miss the fire

oh and human form can feel so heavy
dragged down beneath the stars & heavens above
oh and on this earth it’s so hard to see
where’s the meaning, the point, who trusts love?…


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Today, I’m a bitch

Today, i realized how sour i’ve become
today i realized I’m a jealous bitch
today i realized i’m not really a good person
and today, I realized i’m not over it…

I’m not over all the rejection, all the hurt & lies,
I’m not over all the people I’ve left, or friendships I abused,
I’m not over all the people that I’ve left behind,
and i’m not quite ready to accept the truth…

today i realized i play games with boys
because it’s the only control & power i get
i’m not where i want to be in my life
& failure kinda sucks when it starts to sink in…

Today i realized I don’t want to let anyone love me
because the people who love me, I always let down
I know this sounds depressing & sad and all that,
but all i feel is angry & annoyed with how it all turned out…

Tomorrow, i may learn to love the world again
tomorrow, i may want to let someone love me too,
tomorrow, i may just be happy & content with life,
but today, tomorrow seems a little vague & untrue

when you look under the bandaid
there’s ugly scars & open wounds
Does anybody ever really heal from the world?
or do they all just bullshit their way through?
I mean, even Jesus still has wounds


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i come from a world full of new wonder
with pieces of earth that have yet to be discovered…
but you come from an old world with an ancient past
full of legends of old carved in stone, so as to last…

and here in the middle of two worlds we stand
with young hearts & old souls we finally join hands…
oh how fleeting our lifes are, and passing the tides,
yet, we are the future, let us help tomorrow’s sun rise…

For no longer can we blame the past or our father’s
no longer is it in the hands of yesterday’s authors
for, now we the youth have grown to into blossoms…
come let us build, let us uncover ancient wisdoms forgotten,

let us be moved to humanity more than ever before
let us make all of our own little worlds finish their war
and if nothing else matters, let us release the poison from our tears
and create for our prodigy a future, where they no longer live in fear


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what if i admit i miss you?

It’s been a few weeks since i’ve told the truth
since i admitted that I really still miss you…
I’ve been moving on & looking super sweet,
playing butterfly but deep underneath….

what if i actually need you?
what if you were my made-to-be?
what if we overdramatized it all?
what if we gave up too easy?

would you still give me a chance?
i don’t want to be the one running back…
the first to say sorry i was wrong….
but I miss you & i wish we could make it last…

what if we’ll always wonder deep inside?
what if you need me too?
& it may be hard, & it may take time…
… what if i say, i don’t want us to be through?….


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