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im gonna be a little more of everything

And I am gonna try to be
A little more of everything
And I am going to try
To make faith the truth of my life

And hope is never the easiest thing
And love is never as cliché as it seems
And faith has come to be the battle fought
Day and night, I fight it with all I’ve got…

But it’s not enough for me to say
I’ll figure it all out some other day
I can’t just hide my grudges within
And pretend they are all forgiven…

The way of this world is to act out of fear
The way of this world is to doubt that anyone cares
The way of this world is to put yourself first
But the problem is, the way of this world is a curse…

I shall act out of faith, for I already know the end.
I shall hope & believe the best, over & over again.
And I shall try to will the good of others over myself…
For there is hidden the truest and most lasting of wealth…

I’m gonna be faithfilled against despair
I’m gonna be hopeful, when nobody cares…
I’m gonna be more loving, beyond just me
I’m gonna be, a little more of everything.


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be stubborn. be you.

don’t lose yourself in the chaos,
find a moment of silence here & there…
don’t lose your faith to masters of doubt,
fate is good to those who live without fear…

and don’t lose your heart among the heartless
don’t lose your grace among the crude,
don’t be afraid of standing as your own person,
because it’s always better to be true…

don’t stop wishing on shooting stars,
and don’t stop ever stop following your dreams…
because the most powerful fire you can light,
is just to be who you were made to be.

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passions glories comforts and grace

Oh it’s one of those nights I can not lie
I just want to hold the world close and snuggle inside
to pull comforts and loved ones to warm the cold
and to ignore the obvious fate that before us all, lies…

and yet as it ticks by, another year with little meaning
i look around at who i should choose to unite
for in the future when i look at the end in fear,
i wish i could have a hand to hold in my fright

Where it all goes, what it all means…
i suppose without love, holds no worth or gain…
so passion, and glory, and money & fame….
If i never give of my heart, my life has been in vain…


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freedom within

Freedom is what they all claimed they wanted
but they built chains onto their walls & doors
then they wor armor out into the world
and wonder why they can’t frolic away from mundane chores?

and i am your girl for taking chances
on just about anything but hurting my heart
though i’m starting see you get what you give
and i’m tired of only getting a little part…

oh so not yet, but someday soon
i’ll learn how to love & be loved too
oh, i’m not alone, there are others who
want to be truly free before they say ‘i do’…

so don’t rush me just yet
give me 18 months and then
i’ll fly home and say when…
then i’ll start to love again.

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and it’s a little bit tiring
oh my feet are throbbing each night…
and it’s a little bit boring,
feeling myself falling into daily lines…

but it’s a little bit sweet,
the satisfaction of holding on again
oh I’m a little bit stronger
each time, i wake up, & face the world again…

oh & life it’s a little of this & a little of that
and a little of pushing through the slack
it’s a little of missing a little of wishing
then a little bit of happy with where i’m at

and i figure all the littles
they all make one big big world..
and it’s the small things that mean the most…
so it’s good so good, just being a little little girl


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the world became real again

Tonight the stars delivered answers to me
tonight, the breeze carried more than wind
tonight the past settled and sank beneath the ground
tonight, i the world and faith became real again…

I have this life passing me by too fast
It’s not about dying happy, but living it all,
and i’m no longer staying on Lotus beach,
for the world holds so much more for me

i think all things good take a risk
and i’m finally willing to risk hurt again
I may loose everything i have & could gain
but then, there’s always that chance i’ll win

So, gamble my life, gamble my heart
set out in a wooden canoe i hand carved
it’s the rough waters I choose for me
enough of sitting safely, no more waiting

because tonight, and tomorrow,
this world, my world belongs to me


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and yet

Rested… it sounds so far away
I am so tired and exhausted these days
peace… it seems so abstract
everyone desire something they lack….

Hope, often seems in vain
it holds no power on anyone’s fate
and truth, can be so harsh
it seems like ignorance fuels the dark

yet, I must find rest
in my endless quest
and i shall follow the peace
i shall savor the sweet

and hope, i shall hold it dear
for it’s all i have in times of fear…
and truth, i must always know
for a life of lies is lived alone

change, the world always will
and before too long, we’ll all have our fill…
faith… so hard to understand how…
but it’s the root of all meaning i’ve found…

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