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Coyotes, Dust, and the Cost of Love

now go go, just let it all go,
somebody’s gonna go fetch her, you know…
don’t think twice, we both know you can’t do this alone,
so go go go, go bring her back home…

and i feel the earth’s heart beat, under my feet
pulling me back, it’s hypnotizing,
do you believe in fate? do you believe in grace?
do you believe that we were made to change?

oh go go, go bring her back home real quick,
without her, you’re whole world ain’t worth a lick…
go go, the moon swells into a bright enough glow,
for you to ride through the night, and bring her back home…

oh oh oh, the coyotes howl echos in the wind,
she hears it and feeds on the rush of adrenaline,
the pounding hoof beats and the cloud of dust,
charge in the hot summer night with the reality of love…

it’s a chase, it’s a fight, it’s a battle, it’s life
it’s a flash, it’s a thunder, it’s the wild, it’s the wonder,
it’s the bang and the crash, it’s the peace in the aftermath,
it’s the years it’s the tears, it’s the glory, it’s the fears

and it’s the up and down, it’s the distance, it’s this town…
it’s the wrong, it’s the right, it’s the battle cry,
it’s the pain and the gain, it’s always been the same…
it’s the sober it’s the drunk, it’s the cost of love…


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fishing in the sky, or breaking into the dark

and the vines of hope soar like beanstalks toward the stars
intertwining in wishes, and seeking another heart
there isn’t always giants with treasures above the clouds
some times the greatest values are masked as hard work on the ground…

if diamonds, jewels, and gold are all found hidden beneath,
and we are willing to break our backs just to catch one of these things…
ought we naught look underneath how things always appear…
how long will it take us to learn, magic and beans won’t get us there…

all the wealth on earth, whether in a heart or of the ground
requires digging and moving some piled up things around
i know it doesn’t look pretty, as you’re still fishing in the stars,
but I’m the kind of jewel royals use to adorn their hearts…

so you dug up a diamond of the deep
in your search for a magic bean,
you leave me here to go climb into the sky,
or we can kindle a fire, and let our love be purified…


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Not worth loving (3/27/2010)

Don’t love me. it’s not worth it…

to be completely honest with you~

you’ll be like every guy before

if i seem to like you, it’s not the truth


I’m far too complicated

& far too confused

I don’t understand myself

so how on Earth could you?


I’m warning you now

So stop before it’s too late

some people are worth the risk

but, I’m telling you, I ain’t


I’m too afraid of commitment

i’m too scared to follow through

& as soon as it becomes real

i don’t know what to do…


so i just end it

i just run

i just don’t talk

i just don’t love


it’s pretty easy

i’ve got it down to an art

to pretend ur falling

when you really aren’t

I know I’m a horrible person

I’m sorry for leading them on

but in my defense

they knew all along


i told them in my own ways

but they just couldn’t hear

that’s called selective listening

yeah… that didn’t work here


so i guess i really hurt you

but i hurt myself as well

so if it makes u feel better

…ur not the only one going through Hell


trust me on this one thing

don’t take the risk to love me

it’s not worth the heartache after

& there’s nothing worth loving…


anything you think you see

is only what you believe

but if you actually took the time

you’d know u’d been deceived

witty words

& a pretty face

are fake & fleeting

so don’t make that mistake


it’s just not worth it.

don’t try to love me.

you don’t know who i am

on this one thing, trust me.


I’m not worth loving.


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