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dancing on the edge

im dancing on the edge of peace and fear
i’m drinking water to feed my future tears…
i’m laughing in the sunshine despite the distant gloom,
and i’m living in a postcard, that will burn too soon…

just flirting with the clock of my life…
what’s the value of all these exciting times?
every day they seem less and less meaningful
and everyday i just want someone to love and hold…

I dangle my legs off the pier at dawn,
sing in between ice cream bites as I skip along…
pretend like i have no cares or fears within,
but i’m frightened to death, i’ll never love again…

and i’ve hiked in jungles and islands before,
seen many a mountain and many sea shore..
I’ve travelled this world, and I’m starting to think,
maybe I’ll never find someone quite as crazy as me…


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fly on…

Oh sweet little butterfly
don’t settle for any flower that’s pink
don’t give your loving to just any boy
who decides to give you a little sweet…

fly on.. to one who is ready & ripe
to give you all of its nectar and love
you are precious beyond your knowledge,
and he has to know that you’re all he wants

and as short as the sunny days are
and as fleeting as your beauty seems
I beg you not to settle for less,
fly on… until you find the one of dreams…

One who won’t just put up with all your quirks
but who will love you for the way that you twirl
not one who wants to hide you away from the sky,
but is proud to let you shine on his sunny world

Fly on, butterfly out of hope
fly on, butterfly out of dreams
fly on because waiting out there,
is the garden that is worthy of your beauty


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Dissolving into earth

im dissolving into pieces of earth

my voice was taken by the wind
and my heart beat stolen by the waves
the browns & greens of my eyes,
have soaked into the leaves of May…

my desires have become the echos
that you can almost hear between canyon walls…
and my footsteps have been stolen by the sands
and my wild spirit the wild mustang has donned…

Yes, the earth is taking back my colors…
leaving me nothing more than a black & white adult…
I mean, selling our passions and dreams for money
was never anyone’s intention, nor really anyone’s fault…


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magical enough for me

if you’d come and find me
hidden in my mountain pines
then i’m rather certain our love
would bring fairies to life…

it would be as magical as any tale
i could weave aspen bark into gold
and your kiss would break the spell
and then all the enchantment would unfold….

we’d see the birds sing us pretty songs
and lightning works would burst from the skies,
as the pixies awaken the purple mountain blooms,
and sprinkle down sparkling snow in sunshines

and even if we don’t ride off into the clouds
on the back of unicorns as the sun sets…
i will be more than happy to make you mine forever
i’ve loved you since the first moment that we met…

it takes no pixie dust or rainbows,
and while it sounds right now imaginal
i’ve made up my mind not to let this go,
because our love, it could be magical…


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new years… never really works out for me

New years scare me.
My calendar looms before me so unloved…
it seems so big! like so much can change!
but then at the end, not much really ever does…

It seems every year i ‘fall in love’
and then we break up & i move on.
how many years can i relive this story?
it’s getting so exhausting & so long…

So hear is my 2013 resolution…
may this year be different & may i grow.
may i end this year a better person,
and not waste time on.. well you know…

I hope when i look back on this year,
it will be the year that everything changed!!!
so I’m going to begin this new trend,
by not planning anything… my future a blank page!


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how do you even begin?

How do you even begin
to tell someone that you never moved on?
how do you make them believe you?
when all they know is that you’ve been gone?…

and who can make themselves that vulnerable?
to honestly just admit i was lying all along?
lying to myself & to the world…
because i didn’t want him to prove me wrong…

but two years later, and i still can’t
get you and your blue eyes out of my head…
replaying memories over & over,
listening to all the words i once heard you said….

and maybe you have moved on…
found some girl who doesn’t try her best to leave…
maybe i’m going to get scarred this time,
but that’s a risk i’ll take for the truth i seek….


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lock you with my eyes

Smile… just one smile at me,
and all of a sudden everything really is okay…
want to lock your heart with my eyes,
and keep the key until i’m ready to play…

you make me trust you, and i want to
tell you how much i really wish we could be more,
but there’s so much wrong with the equation,
we just don’t add up, so i’ll say something like ‘sure’

oh is it even right
to keep tormenting each other?
when both of us knows we can’t
emotionally move onto another…

Am I selfish or just a girl who
is going through withdrawal from love?
Does it matter? either way….
i need you, so just hurry the heck up…


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