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Little miss run

little miss doubt
little miss no- way
little miss whatever
little miss backs-away

this little miss can’t stay long
she’s gotta move on,
but that’s just code for run.
here today, tomorrow gone…

that’s how she lives
by month to week
won’t sign more than
a 2 month lease

it’s kinda sad
but it’s what she needs
when she drives
she always speeds

why would she slow down?
what’s the point of staying?
moving from town to town
& she keeps on saying—

“if i take a break now,
my adventures will end
I’ll never have the chance
to explore the world again…

I don’t measure my success,
by how much money’s in my hands-
i want to take every chance,
they just don’t understand-

I’m on my own odyssey.
don’t know to where, right now-
but i don’t need any one
telling me to settle down.”

so little miss sets off once more
sailing to distant, foreign shores

in awe & wonder, she explores
leaving where she was before-
while treading these new lands of yore
walking away from heretofore

but inside, she can’t stop the war;
the past she once held dear,
and the lure of adventures galore
spit fighting words into her mind’s ear

her heart, is the prisoner of war
the past isn’t even there anymore!
but this is one thing she cant run from nor,
can she ignore the confusion within her core…

little miss doubt
& little miss run
little miss don’t need you
little miss done–

even racing in the fast lane
she’s finally been outrun.
little miss disdain,
little miss won’t-fall-in love

has finally met her match
& as fast & far as she goes-
she just cant detach
from what her own heart knows.


written 8/15/2010

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Posted by on July 1, 2011 in introspective, Poetry