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u love my chaos…

From my laundry on the floor,
to the unmatched socks on my feet,
Somehow organization simply
does not come naturally to me…

And when I can’t say no to a visit,
I find my time line collapsing in on me,
and i’m stressing & freaking over absolutely everything,
you just smile & tell me, i’m the cutest thing.

And as I’m flying off the hook,
calling you an idiot for taking that job,
you smile at me for the hour,
it takes me to say every reason it’s wrong…

then i ask how you dare smile at me now,
i’m livid with you to the core,
you say your sorry, but i’m cutest when i’m mad,
& i just can’t stay angry any more….

And as i go on & on with my worries,
stressing, & disorganized chaotic life,
you only seem to fall in love with me more,
and want to be part of it more everytime…

I really don’t know how you love me,
I feel crazy, messy, & a little ditsy too…
you’re missing the real me when you say ‘perfect’
but I guess in an odd way, i’m perfect for you.

You being the perfectionist,
and me being the lost-schedule queen,
in an odd way we compliment each other,
in an odd way, you’re also perfect for me.


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One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Bluesander for nomintating me for this award. i am so honored. . For those of you who have not checked out Bluesander’s blog, I really enjoy going on there & reading the thought-provoking material…

Rules to this award (they’re a little skewered, but what I think the rules are):
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate other bloggers.
Now for 7 facts about me….

1. I have over 3000 unread, unopened emails. I simply don’t do emails. people will call, text, or fb if necessary.
2. I am a tea addict. most recently, i was introduced to Chai… i am officially hooked.
3. I find myself lost for hours in awe of beaches, stars, & lightning storms.
4. I hate talking on the phone. I love skype, i love text. but i hate the phone.
5. I think if you sit in a 3-yr-old daycare, you will find it funnier than any comedy show or comedian you will ever see who is paid to be funny.
6. I have learned the unequaled value of family. Respect the elders… gives you something to look forward to. Include the young, they are the future. and love them all. every family is crazy. But you are connected by blood. And I put it above everything but God in my life.
7. I have hazel eyes. Usually people think they are brown. I get so offended if someone thinks this. because in natural light, my eyes will dilate to gold, green, & blue. No brown, darnit. lol.

now for my nominees! (omgosh, i realize i can’t nominate all those i want to, but i am catching up on awards still, so please know that there were plenty of worthy blogs i didn’t get the chance to nominate here. there are just so many lovely influences! lol, but i guess that’s a good thing! =) if you go to this site, i guarantee you, you shall not be disappointed. some of the most beautiful & lovely poems i’ve ever read on or off the web & books included. Me trying to describe it does not do justice, so please go & read some of his amazing writings when you get the chance! totally not what i expected when i went to this blog. it’s a collection of really neat Haiku! go check it out! …a poet who truly does have “one love blog!” So inspirational. i love how she puts new spins on old stories or analogies. in a way putting the poetic world upside down & creating her own worded kingdom. oh & i love all the poems about dragons & ladies being saved! also known as “have a dream” such an inspiring website. Probably the biggest database of poems & inspirational messages. I can seriously loose myself on Michael’s blog for a whole day. I highly recommend checking this one out! I was lucky to stumble upon this site toward the beginning of my blogging. And am so glad i did. absolutely awesome and cute. a great variety, but always a pleasure. also known as “written words never die” …Eric is one of the greatest bloggers & writers i can cite on here. If you want to see how to make a difference just observe all he writes & does. i aspire to have a blog as distinguished & life-changing as his. (yes, i linked you to my favorite passage from him) I’m not exactly sure how to tell you what to expect from this guy. All i can say, is that there’s a large variety, & i’ve never been disappointed or felt like i wasted my time going to check out his blog. from romance to stories, he’s got it all. as with the others, go ahead & check it out!

Honorary mentions: i simply can not get enough of this site. easily the cutest site on wordpress. created by a set of twins, they have some of the funniest little memories & sweet poems all combined for a dose of humor, fun, creativity, imagination, & inspiration. be sure to check it out. (they’ve already received this award) a really expansive site including everything from cooking, to stories, to poetry. definitely worth checking out.


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when i said ‘love’ i didn’t know…

Because when I said I loved you,
I didn’t really know…
how much that would cost,
and how far it would force me to go…

And when you said you loved me,
I didn’t know how much control I’d lose,
I didn’t realize just how many hours
I’d spend staring into space, missing you…

And when I look at the cost of the future,
and the genuine commitment it will take,
I scare myself to death and tell myself ‘no’,
but then, I look at your face….

and I didn’t know it back then,
but saying I was in love was a lie…
because back then, wasn’t now…
I had no idea what would bloom with time…

Because nothing short of this could be love.
I will never let you go, or run away…
I shall never find another man whom i totally trust.
I love you now, so I know that wasn’t love yesterday.


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heart set on you

Because you put my heart at ease
when i’m freaking out over fears,
making yourself vulnerable to me,
and always assuring me of your profound care.

I never thought I would be as lucky as this.
I love you like a million years gone by,
and I still will want to be locked in your embrace,
far longer than they shall ever measure time…

It’s hard to believe love could be this strong,
I”m not just talking about passion or dreams,
i mean, the kind that makes me want to sacrifice,
and really I would do just about anything…

because being with you means more than sleep,
being with you means more than my weekend breaks,
being with you means more than the sunshine,
so i shall work until i have enough to finally relocate…


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when i think about you…

When i think about you
i think about long drawn out nights
sitting thousands of miles apart,
skyping until we saw day-light…

when i think about you,
i picture you smirking at me,
and i smile at all my ridiculousness
that made you fall for me…

when i think about you,
i think about misquito filled air
walking in circles around the paths
of our campus way out there…

When i think about you,
i picture strolling on the sound,
& the first time you held my hand,
as i let the truth come tumbling out…

when i think about you,
i think about my best friend,
then i think about the future,
& how i’m never gunna let us end…

cuz when i think about you
i think we’d make the best of teams,
I mean we both know that this,
is just the beginning of our dreams…


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dream of the sunrise

She hung a dream catcher over my bed,
saying no more nightmares could get through,
i watched the beads quiver with apprehension
as the hot air was swirled by a fan in my room…

I dreamed i was a little warrior,
with red & white paint on my tanned face,
somehow separated from my tribe,
I was lost in a foreign forested place…

I remember feeling a warm breeze of comfort,
then a strength & understanding wash over me,
I ran to the top of a mountain and saw the sun rise
a horizon of beautiful colors glowed my heart into peace…

I woke up with the light of red & whites,
pouring into my window the next day,
I held that vision of beauty in my heart for years,
feeling that strength & hope in better days…

Knowing my future hadn’t risen yet…
knowing the sunrise is only where it begins…
But today it hit me like the sun-rays,
that mountaintop sunrise, is exactly where I am.

Looking at a gorgeous glowing horizon,
feeling strength, peace, & joy rising within…
for here in the Rocky mountains of Colorado,
the nightmares have all finally come to an end.

Good morning love.
good morning hope
good morning life
Let my heart burn aglow


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The angels love us

There’s a gentle hush of voices
Whispering in excitement from the sky…
The angels know another great love story
Divinely crafted, has finally come to life…

It must be so frustrating for the angels,
Watching us bounce off wrong lovers all the way,
When they knew we were meant for each other,
Yet I’m glad they let us take our time & wait…

From above, it must have been laughable,
Me stressing over some break up back then,
While you comforted me, saying with certainty,
That any man would be lucky to call me his…

I’m sure they giggled as I skyped my girlfriends to sleep,
Asking how could I be so stupid as to fall for you!?
Surely I had missed my chance & you’d moved on…
If only either of us had known what time would do….

Oh the angels love us, I know…
Because I see them twinkle in the stars with glee,
They zip around glowing with the milky way,
And they sing praise of God’s perfect plan in the breeze

Oh, if I were to be an angel,
This would be my favorite part…
Knowing the two lost souls had finally
Found their way into love’s sweet heart.


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