the lying dog you are…

16 Jan

Gotta prove there’s more…
but proof is so abstract…
how I convince anyone when,
I don’t have the words to react…

I wish i could defend myself
as rumors defile my name tonight…
but I’m too far away for my voice
to be heard over the juicy lies…

Does it make you feel better!?
does it give u satisfaction to see me burn?
why couldn’t u just let me rest in peace,
& find some way to make your own name of worth?

Do you think anyone thinks your cooler?
do you think anyone believes I actually did?
either way, you are a disgusting dog!
You should be ashamed for all of this!

I’ve done plenty of things wrong
that are truths I now regret…
so you didn’t need to make one up,
& then spread your nasty little secret…

I generally believe that people change,
but for you, I’m going to say never….
I can’t believe I ever got caught up in you,
I can’t believe I fell for your ‘forever’…

I can’t even remember your face,
But your name is sour in my heart,
An eternal acid rain of lies on my name,
I just hope people see you for the liar you are…


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