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the cost of living out dreams

the world is not nearly as large as i once had thought it…
people not so very diverse nor different beneath.
and as i sit here now where i had once only imagined,
i dwell on the cost of living your dreams…

there is always a loss of what could have been
that we trade for whatever we chose to achieve…
and the sickest of lies that hollywood has polluted
is that we can have it all, if we only believe.

Nobody can have it all.

So before you trade your day to day world
with loved ones and adorned with daily routine,
question in your heart what is the cost you are willing
to trade in reality for the chance to live your dreams?


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never had a day you weren’t my first

and i can go search the world, for the second best heart
i can go travel lands & seas, but you will always be in my dreams…
because you stole my heart in a way songs can’t express…
i can’t give it to anyone else, freaking love never is what it seems…

oh so here’s to letting the only one who was my only one… get away….
& here’s to moving on, & all the empty moments since you’ve been gone, …i pray… i try to pray

that someday you will remember my face in your dreams too,
I think it’s about time i break the break, & maybe tell you???

have u realized neither of us will ever be at peace again?
until we turn our bridge into a castle or burn it into ash?
i’m not the kind to look back & live in all my yesterdays,
but since I left you, I still have haven’t gotten my heart back…

never had a day since the day that i met you
i didn’t regret leaving you behind, im telling the truth
and all these guys in the world, will always be second best
after standing next to you, i can’t stand to stand next to anything less.


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don’t ever change…

Two years since you’ve even seen me…
But i still sit here, remembering fondly…
how you came in & stole my heart…
the prince charming who left me unarmed…

Don’t ever change, beautiful spirit,
don’t ever stop laughing & teasing away,
don’t ever stop believing one of us crazies
has a chance at being normal someday….

Keep dancing over frozen rivers…
drive that lucky next girl out under the stars
go ahead & scare her with ghost stories…
until she jumps, like i did, into your arms…

You did everything right, so don’t change…
you’ll find love in time, i’m sure it will for you
you have no idea how deep & far i fell for your soul
So download her favorite songs on your ipod too…

go ahead & drive her on a road trip south
with no destination but to find your way into her heart…
Raleigh still has that magic it did that night
when i almost kissed you, then pushed us apart…

never change… you won the girl over all right
and if i ever got the chance you know that i’d
run into your arms & kiss you just in case
you would ever still want to be my mr. right…

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Not like I know what love is anyway…

Don’t want to write another love poem

Not like I know what love is anyway…

But it’s consumed my heart & mind

until I have no other words to say…

I’ve never really been in love before,

not really going to claim i am now.

i don’t like the thought of loosing control,

or the uncertainty of how it turns out.

Darn it, see there I go!

writing about this foul game.

love this, & love that,

My mind can’t break away!

It’s that song on my radio,

it’s that scene on my TV show,

it’s that couple holding hands

It’s every freaking place I go!

I’m sorry, i really tried

to write about something really great.

umm, maybe weather? food?

it’s Not like I know what love is anyway…


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Secrets secrets are no fun…

Help me figure out this mess!

this mess I’ve become!

different from the rest

but it’s not longer fun…

secrets, secrets buried deep

beneath the time and lies

but the pain is just hiding

until comes its time

who can stop one domino

from from falling on the next?

soon exposed, secrets & wounds

are all that are left

don’t ever put your finger to your lips

never cross your fingers behind your back

don’t ever tell a secret

or soon secrets will be all you have.


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